Got a PS5!!!!!

  • Congrats! I wonder what game/exclusive you'll play first.

  • @bam541 I felt like a kid in a candy shop but after the obligatory few hours marveling at the improved frame rate on Elden Ring, the first PS5 exclusive thing I did was finally download the Yuffie episode for FF7R Intergrade which was, for unclear reasons, not available on PS4. I have Horizon installed and waiting for me to move on from Elden Ring, which may be some time coming...

  • Congrats. Hope you don't run into any of the slew of problems I've been hearing from others with PS5s ranging from your controller breaking due to "Joycon Drift", the resistant triggers, etc. or SDD problems or general OS crashing and such. Make sure to save often if you're playing the kinda game where you have to manually save.


  • Enjoy!

    Pro tip - don't trust the Rest Mode. It's still quasi-broken and can corrupt your OS, saved data, or worse, your system. The Rest Mode notably had glitches with Returnal and Elden Ring which corrupted saved data. It nearly happened to me when the game didn't understand how to resume from Rest and crashed. So play it safe, save, and shut down. The PS5 boots up in 2 sec anyways so it's no big deal.

  • @bam541 @DIPSET wow, I had not heard about those issues. Thanks so much for enlightening me in because, yes, I am playing Elden Ring and, yes I have been using rest mode.

    Went to buy Returnal the other day and had my suckerpunch to the face when I saw the next-gen $69 price tag. Decided to wait on it until I clear the backlog of Elden Ring and Horizon, at the minimum.

  • @ozymandsss said in Got a PS5!!!!!:

    I saw the next-gen $69 price tag

    next gen price's lol.

    i'll keep my last gen $50 price's thanks and just use xbox gamepass and also get ps + games instead

  • @ozymandsss just wait for a sale, usually they'll be discounted like 30% every couple months, that's how I got R&C Rift Apart last December

    I haven't got any problems with rest mode and I use it pretty often, so it's a case by case basis.

  • @bam541
    After one of the early firmware updates I've had no issues with rest mode. Not to mention stuff seems to download 3x faster via rest mode (with a wired connection at least)

  • @ozymandsss said in Got a PS5!!!!!:

    I saw the next-gen $69 price tag.

    So cheap, here it's 80 euro.

  • Is it worth leaving the ps4 for a ps5?

  • @damiendada I was content with my PS4 pro until recently when Horizon came out and clearly looked superior on PS5. I think its perfectly reasonable to stick with PS4 for now if you just cant find a PS5 but sometime in the next year, I think the gap is going to widen. Whenever God of War comes out, I think the visual fidelity, detail and performance are going to start actually result in better response time, gameplay etc. I was playing Elden Ring on PS4 Pro until I landed the PS5 and I was loving it...but once I played on PS5 the framerate is so superior that I dont think I could go back in retrospect. But again, theres so much to play on PS4 still that its not a tragedy not to have one...yet.