Easy Allies Phase Infinity

  • Brandon Jones is retiring and many, many changes coming.

    Youtube Video

  • Haven't watched an EZA video in years and still enjoy some of the group but this marks the death for me.

  • My thoughts on the announcements:

    Jones retiring: So well deserved & earned for many, MANY reasons, but to say he'll be missed (in a full time capacity) is a massive understatement. I miss his trailer focused show, and going to miss Cup of Jones. Not going to lie, and it's a bit selfish, but this throws a sad-ish blanket over all the announcements. But with the events of this year (and him saying via a Twitter video he's been planning this since July), I don't blame him at all and hope he enjoys it to the fullest.

    The new logo/color scheme: I like it, but I guess I've been so married to the black & red combo (because there's few two color-combos better, personally speaking), that I prefer the original scheme BUT I really appreciate the need to change things up. I hope it grows on me like the first did.

    Follow the Passion should be a new motto to live by alongside Love & Respect, and having Allies become leads on certain aspects of operations/initiatives and more defined roles (with flexibility of course) is smart, and is easily adaptable to many situations.

    Looking forward to changes to the podcast & reviews. Open to seeing how they'll evolve.

    The Patreon goals are things I've felt at various times EZA has had to answer about like Hang Out streams (bummer I'll never catch them live), but the $40K tier to survive is concerning. I've asked on Cup when the Patreon dipped below $30K what the overall plan was (I wasn't looking at EZX at the time for whatever reason), & from hitting $50K to secure the studio to now, I fully believe the MUST hit 40K. I just don't how long they can go if they don't.

    Patreon tier changes: I fundamentally agree they've undervalued their own content, so I'm happy with the shakeup. But there's one tier that shines: The $200 tier of gaming sessions with the Allies is both EXTREMELY appealing & because of that, appropriately priced. Something that's been requested a few times on Cup, & I'm happy to see EZA is making themselves available for those who always wanted to game with them.

    Overall, I'm hoping for the best, but there are a couple of concerning fundamental truths at the core of the excitement that leave me from being overly enthused.

  • In many aspects I feel Jones leaving might be for the best. Nothing against him I was just not feeling it for some time now. I hope this revitalises the Allies.

  • I'm sad about Jones retiring, I'll definitely miss him and I hope that he does show up every now and then. Glad to see Blood and Isla taking the helm tho, that's a dynamic duo right there.

    Really happy to see Patreon Goals back. I hope to see them adding more incentives to each goal to make them more enticing in the future. Same goes for the tiers. Moving the exclusives to 5$ is a good move, and I'm very excited about the Patron Discord. I'll definitely up my pledge to 5$ now, it's just too good of a tier to miss.

    Also happy about hiring a community manager. I hope whoever gets the job can connect all the scattered allies' voices all over the different social medias.

    Overall it's quite the positive change from the allies, aside from Jones retiring. If "phase infinity" is any indication, I hope to see them continuously improving and listening to feedback. I trust that Blood and Isla will steer the ship to a brighter future.

    Also, I hope Jones joins the EZA Fantasy Critic Smartest Person thingy, now that he doesn't do reviews anymore.

  • Jones was the primary reason I got onboard the EZA choo choo train. I love and respect all the Allies but Brandon has been extraordinarily inspirational to me thanks to his legendary voice narrating reviews.

    It's fantastic that Patreon goals have returned but I worry they won't be fulfilled. I know we want to see all the goals ticked off but we have to make a concerted effort to get them all checked.

    I suppose the new community manager will be introduced to us when he/she/they are hired-seems like an exciting and ambitious upgrade.

    I do get the sense Jones is hanging up his cowboy hat and setting off into the sunset so he can be the best dad to Milo and see him develop. Perhaps Milo's time in hospital has made Brandon realize how important it is to see his son grow up. I for one sincerely hope Brandon is happier when he retires-he's earned every single inch of his retirement.

    There's a sense all the new perks and incentives will blow us away. I had the idea of the Allies doing virtual meet and greets which I still think would be a superb idea for connecting the Allies to their Patreon backers.