Journey Vs Abzu

  • I am someone who has never played Journey but would really like to play both it and Abzu however I keep hearing how similar the two are so I was hoping the Allies could help me figure out which is the better game for someone who will be playing alone or just if Abzu is really worth the $20 and gives reasons to keep coming back. L&R.

  • Well let's get some facts down first. Journey is PlayStation exclusive while Abzu is available on PC. That might factor in your decision.
    Journey is critically acclaimed and Abzu isn't really there. Overall consensus of critics prefer Journey.
    Journey's Collection does include Flow and Flower, to other games made by Thatgamecompany, and Flower is also a remarkable game in itself while Flow is just an afterthought. Getting 3 games instead of 1 could convince you to get Journey.

    Now for my take on the games itself. Journey spoke to me at a personal level. A lot of the ideas, in the form of simple gameplay mechanics, made me think about the message that the creator is telling me. With Journey, you may or may not be playing alone, and that's not to say this is a co-op experience. You could see a stranger that looks just like you and you won't understand that stranger, but the game will help you form a bond with that person as you travel through the game. As you travel, the tones of the game changes, and you'll feel emotionally different. All of these feelings and emotions is wrapped up wonderfully in the story that Journey is trying to convey.

    As for Abzu, I didn't feel this. It felt like a glorified aquarium that's trying to send a message that I didn't really connect with. There was objectives and gaminess that took me out of the moments that I should be enjoying. Suffice it to say, I didn't think Abzu was that much like Journey apart from mimicking gameplay events at the surface level.

    I would suggest Journey, but Abzu might be your cup of tea if you like sea life and oceans. Journey is definitely the better game in my opinion.

  • Play Journey if you like sand and cloth, play Abzu if you like water and fish. ;)

  • Realistically Journey is a more memorable game for some reasons I'd rather not say. But I will say one of the issues with Abzu is that it is kind of beat for beat Journey underwater.

    I loved both so I recommend both but Journey is an absolutely essential game to play.

  • Banned

    I'm not religious in the slightest, but Journey is what I imagine a religious experience feels like in game form.

    Can't speak on Abzu.

  • I agree with the other posters that Journey is the better game.....but both are pretty short and don't have a whole lot of replay value. Why do you want to play journey alone?

  • ...I think it's missing the point to talk about "replay value" in reference to games like these. Besides, it's difficult for me to go back to sections of each and not feel what they made me feel the first times, which says something about their evocative power.

  • I wouldn't worry about things like length or replay value here. To do so is to undercut what these experiences offer, kinda a weird, old way to keep boxing games and the experiences they can convey into a very limited shell. I highly recommend both games, or either. Can't really go wrong.

    One thing I can stress is play them only when you're in the right mood. First time I played both games I gave up, just didn't grab me. I came back when in a much more chilled mindset (experiencing/absorbing what was on offer rather than trying to "game" the game, if that makes sense) and LOVED it. Goosebumps and awe a-plenty both times