Most Violent Scenes in Games

  • What scenes or actions in videogames make you croak with how stomach churning, lethal and violent they are? I always look to Manhunt and Manhunt 2's grotesque executions as supreme examples of disturbing ultra violence.

  • The opening of Dantes Inferno where he's sewing the cross onto his flesh used to freak me out.
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  • A part of my disappointment with God of War (2018) is it's lack of brutality. Now, the game is brutal, but relative to it's predecessors, it just feels more like fantasy violence than the shoulders up, cover your eyes cringing that the original trilogy brought to the table.

    For me, these scenes work so well because they are fully interactive. It has to be between the Hermes leg chop or the Poseidon eye gouge.


    Youtube Video – [02:24..]

    Youtube Video – [01:40..]

    Just good kills and context adds so much to it too. Again, GoW 2018 is fine, but miss me with that orange blood bullshit. When I chop a guys legs off, that blood better be red.

  • @dipset
    I completely forgot about Poseidon, like that bit made me flinch and stop for a little bit the first time I played it. Like that wasn't just brutal but was approaching overkill almost.

    That said I do hope that some of that brutality will make it into the next one, I mean there's going to be two Gods of War in it judging by the last trailer.

  • The game madworld

  • I feel that at 14:39 of this Lost & Damned video was quite excessively brutal and uncalled for:
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