Xenoblade Chronicles 3

  • @yoshi How many hours are you in?

    I haven't had much time to play the last weeks.

  • @neocweeny about 103 hours in on normal mode

  • I'm still in chapter three. I seem to have far out leveled the main quest though and that's without touching the bonus exp. There's just so much to do and to cap it all off, Lanz STILL wants something meatier.

  • @sheria When is Reyn time?

  • @neocweeny said in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

    @sheria When is Reyn time?


  • @neocweeny u could finish the main story much quicker but i've been spending my time completing a lot of the sidequests. the sidequests make the game much more enjoyable. they don't just feel like fetch quests chores like XC1 and XC2 were guilty of at times

  • @yoshi Yeah, I see on howlongtobeat.com it's 57 hours. I think I will skip the sidequests even if they are good.

  • @neocweeny try to at least do each of the Hero Sidequests. (the yellow quests) they have fully voiced cutscenes and basically just give the main story alot more depth and backround knowledge towards each of the characters, their motives and why their personalities are the way they are.

    they're well worth it

    as for 57 hours. that person definitely played on easy mode. u may as well watch a let's player on youtube if u can only be bothered to play on easy mode. easy is no challenge at all whatsoever. and even normal is a bit on the easy side to be honest.

    i'm definitely going to be playing this game again but on hard mode next time. it's just such a good game.

  • @yoshi I'll try to do those then.

    The 57 hours is an average.

  • @neocweeny there's the initial quest to unlock the new Heroes and their class and then later on in the game u get a 2nd quest with each hero and character to provide more story but they also unlock the ability to get a higher skill level in the particular class type the quest is related to.

    i won't say anymore because otherwise i'd really be going into story spoiler territory

  • @neocweeny I’m 99 hours in but I’m doing more of a 100 percent run

  • @yoshi yeah I’m gonna do hardmode too no bonus exp

  • @bigdude1 i still get some challengeing fights late game even though i've been using the bonus exp. i think not using it at all may make hard mode drag about and artificially increase the length.

    it's also kind of essential to use bonus exp on Heroes later in the game who u haven't used in a while to get them back up to the same level as your main party

  • Anyone actually finished this yet?

    I've hit 65 hours and sunk my teeth into chapter 6. I agree with some of the compliments to the quest system but at the same time I've reached my end when it comes to revisiting every single colony/camp site following major plot points or chapters; it's made even worse by the fact that you need to scour the whole place just to see if any yellow circles may appear and then there's the long winded nature of discussing everything you hear.

    I adore this game but at the same time I need to admit burn out so I'm probably going to b-line the ending now. I'm level 68 and feel confident I'm OK to finish it

  • I basically 100 percent it, it’s kinda cool to find the quests.

  • I'm still only in chapter 3 and don't really know what to make of it. It's a good game but it isn't grabbing me the same way as previous Xenoblade games but also my personal life has changed a since Xenoblade 2. I can't really have long sittings with a game like I used to.

  • soo... hello i'm new in this thread but i just beat xeno 1 on August 4th... and xeno 2 and torna a couple days ago and i ain't stopping now... seriously send help... ive only beat 4 games this year and 3 of them are 100 Hour JRPGS (Elden ring.) also holly fuck Mio is Ranni the Witch good for her.

    anyway 5 hours in just got to the whole party together "bionis shoulder" bit, just looking for some general tips. i'm getting everything fine enough so far (though healer being the only party member able to revive was a surprise.)

  • still got some post game stuff to do but i've officially finished Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
    this is one of the best games of all time. can't fucking wait for the expansion pass DLC story next year, for the extra lore and returning characters that it brings with it.

  • @nimbat1003 there are items that’s allow other party members to revive.