Splatoon 3

  • @yoshi I'm sure they just don't want to split the playerbase up too much, which would lead to slower matchmaking times.

  • heads up Europe and Australia both seem to be getting restocks of the Splatoon 1 & 2 Amiibo's. Europe PlayAsia store just restocked them and the My Nintendo store in Australia is re-releaseing all of the Splatoon 1 & 2 Amiibo's back up for preorder to release on the 9th of September with Splatoon 3.

    America may get restocks of them soon too

  • @yoshi Does that include the Squid Sisters / Off the Hook ones?

  • @mbun it does. i finally got to order the callie and marie amiibos which i missed out on the first time they were released

  • Get Rekt Bitchez!

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  • Am I missing something here? I have gotten up to level 8 on Splatoon 3's multiplayer and all I've done is compete in Regular Battle. The issue is I think Regular Battle only caters properly to a certain weapon type-the shooter type. Your goal is to cover as much of the map as possible in ink, so the shooter weapons are best equipped for the job. I'm finding it hard to know what the purpose of the other weapon types are in this mode-seeing as splatting other players into squids don't net you any points. Again, I think I might be missing something here-and I know there is a ranked battle mode and other modes that are different and encourage use of more diverse weaponry-but with the Regular Battle it appears the shooters are the most effective at getting you to win and cover the area with the most ink.

  • @jdincinerator It isn't even close to exclusive to Shooter weapons, but weapons that are better at covering Turf do tend to be better at Turf Wars. That said, splatting players prevents them from inking turf while your team has time to recover inked turf, so it is still helpful in Turf Wars to take people out. It is just harder to then recover inked turf if you are trying to use a weapon that's bad at that, so you're more reliant on your team having an even composition, so there's people to reclaim it while you focus on taking opponents out.

    Like you said though, basically all the Ranked Modes are about an entirely different thing, which lends more room for some of the weapons that aren't very good at inking turf. Also, Salmon Run exists and is full of bosses and general situations where each Weapon excels differently. You're forced to use different stuff each Round of it, so it is good for getting used to a bunch of different kinds of playstyles and learning their strengths and weaknesses.