Whats your top 5 games from 2020 - onwards/current gen?

  • Hello,

    So whats your top 5 games of this new decade from 2020 to onwards so far?

    Heres mind

    1. Doom Eternal
    2. Hitman 3
    3. Desperados 3
    4. Deathloop
    5. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Doom Eternal is masterpiece and one of the best game ever made. cant wait for id software next game most likely Quake reboot. Deathloop is most innovative game I have played in years and most unique and innovative FPS game like no other before. Hitman 3 is final game in only good third person stealth series. desperdos 3 is excellent commandos style stealth game that AAA developers donot really make and lastly..

    and surprised that I actually liked FF7 remake. I have been JRPG hater always but this game not only impressed me and also surprised me. that I beat this game twice. the combat is great, the materia fighting style impressed me. the story is pretty good. although i can criticize too many cutscene but still I rather play this than most AAA third person games.

    so what are yours? lets discuss.

  • Not in any order

    Tales of Arise
    Feels like the much needed update that the Tales series needed, not to mention the changes towards combat making it very, very fast especially in the late game once you have various passive skills unlocked. That said given recent remarks regarding remaking past Tales games in a similar style to Arise I have to wonder how Symphonia or Abyss would transition.

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake+ Yuffie DLC
    While I'm fairly certain that the "Remake" is going its own separate direction in future parts this is still a phenomenal game in it's own right, that said I do wish there was more flair to the combat which is why I included the Yuffie DLC. It feels like a sort of window into something that will find it's way into future parts with the team up attacks. In fact I kinda wonder if they will expand the mechanic so that all 3 party members attack in a similar fashion (and it will be insane to see what animations they make for it)

    **Guardians of the Galaxy **
    Talk about a nice surprise out of nowhere, while the combat is fairly basic for Quill is very basic it does free you up to also consider the abilities of the other guardians. Also I loved the whole feel of the game, like the weird love child of Uncharted and Mass Effect.

    Eldin Ring
    Not much to say but it's a open world souls game, and tbh there's something just sort of...maybe not relaxing but it's certainly a game that I've taken a TON of screenshots while playing.

    Psychonauts 2
    I seriously can not praise this game enough, it's a truly wonderful and fantastic game with a massive heart. Let alone it's a game I never thought would ever exist. Like I almost wish I had footage of me jumping into my ceiling fan when the game was announced in 2016, or just my general reaction of me booting up the game and just crying for like 5 minutes at the main menu. Then for the game to not only meet my expectations but to vastly exceed them, like I just don't really know what else to say.

  • in no particular order

    Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

    Metroid Dread

    Kirby & The Forgotten Land

    Pokemon Unite

    The Wonderful 101 Remastered

  • I don't really have an official list, but so far the five games that have impressed me most are as follows:
    2.The Last of Us Part II
    3.Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart
    4.Psychonauts 2
    5.It Takes Two

    When it comes to the games I love the most, I like to pick those that came out of left field and genuinely surprised me. With this in mind, Huntdown is in my mind, the best game to come out this decade so far. Huntdown came out of nowhere, includes a kickass retro cyberpunk aesthetic, a ballsy sense of humor, and is something we don't see often in games. The fact Huntdown didn't receive much review coverage from videogames media is a crime because it is that damn good.

    The Last of Us Part II meanwhile, is one of the biggest and greatest PS games of all time. I know, Part II is hugely divisive and many take umbrage with what happened to their brutish bearded bruiser buddy Joel, but much like John Cena, The Last of Us Part II effortlessly garners a reactions whether positive or negative. I swear some of the moments in Part II are the greatest I've seen from any Playstation game, even if the tedium of outpost clearing gets quite grindy towards the end.

    Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is my GOTY for 2021, as it demonstrated what the PS5 was capable of on a technical level, whilst managing to give us a pretty epic adventure. Yeah the story wasn't that compelling, but the bosses and world designs captivated and made up for it wonderfully.

    Psychonauts 2 is an example of what a platformer nay any other game in any other genre should be, an exciting, whimsical, quirky, thought-provoking and wholly joyous experience from start to finish. Everything from the psychic abilities to the boss battles are sensationally realized and grounded in a truly stunning crafted world. Just about everything in Psychonauts 2 is synchronized expertly, making players feel like the world has been crafted down to every minor detail.

    Rounding out the top 5 for me is It Takes Two. I don't think there's a modern co-op game out there that does more to excite than It Takes Two. Platforming is always a pleasure and the way two players work in tandem to solve weird and bizarre puzzles is uncanny. Boss fights are woven into the co-op fray so brilliantly it's mind-blowing.

    1. The Last of Us Part II
    2. Final Fantasy VII Remake
    3. Horizon Forbidden West
    4. Yakuza: Like A Dragon
    5. Guardians of the Galaxy

    1. Final Fantasy VII remake
    2. Crash Bandicoot 4
    3. Kirby and the Forgotten Land
    4. Guilty Gear Strive
    5. Elden Ring

    Something like that.
    I'm still playing Elden Ring. About one third in I think.
    Final Fantasy VII remake is the biggest surprise. It's my favorite in the franchise.
    Kirby I have just beaten some days ago and was fantastic. Also the best in the franchise.

  • @neocweeny said in Whats your top 5 games from 2020 - onwards/current gen?:

    1. Final Fantasy VII remake
    2. Crash Bandicoot 4
    3. Kirby and the Forgotten Land
    4. Guilty Gear Strive
    5. Elden Ring

    Something like that.
    I'm still playing Elden Ring. About one third in I think.
    Final Fantasy VII remake is the biggest surprise. It's my favorite in the franchise.
    Kirby I have just beaten some days ago and was fantastic. Also the best in the franchise.

    FF7 is also biggest surprise for me too.

    would you imagine 10 years ago in GT. I would be praising FF7 remake 10 years later since I used to bash JRPGs in every thread?.

    times changed.

  • So we just list our favorite games from 2020 to this very moment right? Here it goes then:

    1. Ghost of Tsushima
    2. The Last of Us Part II
    3. Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery
    4. Gran Turismo 7
    5. Demon's Souls Remake

  • My top 5:

    1. Ori and the Will of the Wisps/Psychonauts 2
      Mostly perfect games for me, which is why I had them as my 2020 and 2021 GOTYs. From start to finish, I was continually impressed by everything these games did. I'm not ready to pick a favorite, lol.
    1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2
      I didn't think I would ever care about skateboarding games again but they actually did it. THPS 1+2 was exactly what it needed to be and I appreciate the restraint the developers showed by not changing too much of the classic THPS formula. RIP Vicarious Visions.
    1. The Last of Us Part II
      Naughty Dog is still the best when it comes creating enthralling story's and realistic characters. They are also one of the best in the industry when it comes to technical and sound design. The attention they give to every little detail of their games is insane. And the gameplay is better than TLOU 1.
    1. Demon's Souls/Elden Ring
      Both are great. Elden Ring is way more ambitious with it's excellent exploration focused open world. If it's performance would have been better for me on PC then I would probably just give it this spot. Demon's Souls on the other hand, is one of the most beautiful, well performing games I've ever played. I was wearing robes and casting spells but Bluepoint are the real wizards of that game.

    Honorable Mentions:
    DOOM Eternal
    Wasteland 3
    Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    Desperados III
    Final Fantasy VII Remake
    Resident Evil: Village
    New Pokémon Snap
    Kena: Bridge of Spirits
    Before Your Eyes
    Pokémon Legends: Arceus