All You Need to Know About a Lean-To Greenhouse

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    Greenhouses are an engineering feat. Back in the Victorian era, people realized the importance of having enclosed conservatories. They understood that some plants need to be nurtured in a well-balanced atmosphere instead of open air.
    That’s why they came up with the idea of creating a greenhouse. With time, greenhouse designs, shapes, and sizes increased, and today, we have a lot of options available in the market. Among all the greenhouse styles, lean-to greenhouses are one of the most popular ones.
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    Continue reading to learn all about lean-to greenhouses and their benefits.

    Defining a Lean-To Greenhouse
    A lean-to greenhouse is basically a half-sliced version of a conventional greenhouse. This greenhouse rests on a wall surface for stability, as the name implies.
    A lean-to greenhouse is undoubtedly an affordable, more reliable, and effective alternative to fancy high-end greenhouses. They’re perfect for growing a limited number of plants during a crop season. And hey, don’t believe the myth about greenhouses not being attractive.
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    Advantages of a Lean-To Greenhouse
    A lean-to greenhouse offers many advantages to greenhouse gardeners, such as:

    • Atmosphere Regulation: More consistent atmosphere due to the wall-mounted structure

    • Flexible Installation: A lean-to greenhouse can be installed anywhere as long as you have a solid wall surface on one side. You can attach a lean-to greenhouse to your garage, potting shed, or even a free-standing wall.

    • Accessibility: A lean-to greenhouse is very accessible and easy-to-work in.
      There is no need to dig additional trenches for water irrigation

    • Temperature Balance: The wall attachment allows a lean-to greenhouse to maintain cooler temperatures even on the hot days

    • In-Home Access: Lean-to greenhouses are suitable for gardeners who want to have an in-home greenhouse access

    • Suited for Greenhouse Accessories: The hinged and sloped roof can be coupled with greenhouse vents and door kits to improve heat, humidity, and airflow optimization

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