Heavily Praised Games You Don't See The Fuss About

  • I'm pretty sure we've all encountered a game or few that has received a herculean heatwave of hype, but don't see what the big deal really is about them.

    I find this with Elden Ring. Now, I understand why it's considered great and why it's lauded as heavily as it is, but I do think it's a fusion of the familiar and the desirable, in that it's doing exactly what gamers want and love without subverting our expectations that much.

    I think I'm geared towards games that have the balls to be truly different from anything else I've seen and played. Games like Huntdown I didn't expect to be so good and so humorous, Untitled Goose Game I didn't think would be so hilarious, and at first I didn't think Wrath of the White Witch would gut punch me the way it did. Generally I gravitate towards games that can show me a great time in multiple ways and if they don't then I will probably not see what many others might consider great.

    I appreciate the familiar done well and these games deserve equal kudos to the more audacious offerings, but I do question whether as gamers we crave comfort and sameness over truly unique experiences.

  • Uncharted 4, Spiderman, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ghost of Tsushima.

    Their all ok games which excel in presentation but made me feel... empty? Maybe that's not the right word. Like biting a big chunk of paper when you were hoping for something amazing.

    Much is due to expectations too, there's always so much hype and the deliver is so underwhelming. So I'm to blame. It's not like GoT is much different than - say - AC Origins but while I finish Origins with a positive vibe because it wasn't that bad, with those games I feel defrauded because they aren't that good.

    Edit: Regarding Elden Ring. That game is like evolution on Souls I wanted so I'm all over it. But overall I do tend to appreciate more games like Kentucky Route Zero, Outer Wilds, Disco Elysium (I'm playing it right now ❤️), Psychonauts 2. Games that aspire to be more than repetition.

  • @phbz So do you feel many of these games are built up to be something spectacular from SONY but when you play them they don't feel as epic? I can sense that with Horizon: Zero Dawn because all you really do is target a specific point on a machine and chip away the health bar. Sure seeing the machines malfunction is cool, but it's hardly a game that makes you badass machine-slayer like you should be.

  • @jdincinerator My issue, I think, don't deliver anything that moves me.

    For instance, RDR2 is a game with many issues but the realisation of the world is just unmatched. It pushes the medium in was I find captivating.

    Spiderman did a great thing with movement but the city has no substance and the focus on story is just the repetition from the same Spiderman tropes we been seeing for decades across all mediums.

    I'm kinda dumb... so every time I see a game being super hyped I go for with with great hopes of being surprised. Might be an age thing too, I feel a similar way towards Marvel although with Marvel I find it so terrible I don't even bother anymore.

  • Started playing Hades sometime ago and I'll just say that's it's pretty good. Certainly a fun game, and I think it's quite smart in the design of things but I don't why people love it so much, like GOTY levels, at least not yet. There's better roguelikes out there imo. Been a while since I played it, nothing has grabbed me enough to make me want to come back.

    I think I would have more games that apply to this theme if I just start subbing to Game Pass regularly and try out more games or something like that. For the most part my mental priority on games I'm most interested on is pretty spot on. Outside of rare cases like BF2042, I actually end up buying games that I really enjoy or met my expectations. I actually tried Hades and a bunch of other games on GP that is kinda low on my to-play list and ended up not really impressed with many of them.

  • There are plenty of highly praised games that I don't like but I think I can always understand why other people like them.

  • I don’t understand why Inside is so loved. As a huge fan of Limbo, Inside was disappointing.

  • I’ve said it before, but I don’t get the love for God of War (2018). I like 3rd-person action games, I like story-focused and character-focused games, but God of War was completely forgettable experience from start to finish. I even tried to make myself care about it, because Huber gave it such glorious review – no luck.

    Super Mario Odyssey was also one-and-done whatever experience, but that was a less shocker, since it was on the Switch, which I disliked from the moment I’ve unpacked the console, and I’ve played it right after Breath of the Wild, which turned out to be the collection of almost everything I hate in open-world games.

    And from the Xbox – Halo (entire series). Incredibly boring games with terrible level design for the first ones.

  • @neocweeny yeah this is how I’d describe my feelings toward RDR2. Way too slow for me and the cores and clothes stuff irritate me but can’t deny it’s beautiful and hugely detailed.

  • I feel like I really don't see the fuss about some of the more recent heavily praised games.

    God of War (2018)

    I had a great time with it, but it is probably my least favourite GoW game in the series (omitting PSP). In fact, it was probably one of the best from 2018 and last gen altogether. But it was more disappointing than anything in my opinion. I think a lot of content was cut which fucked with the pace for me.

    I felt like it never got unhinged enough, Freya's acting was pretty bad and her character took weird leaps, Artreus' writing was a bit too angsty, Fairy level went for way too long, and the level design didn't feel as interesting as anywhere on Chronos' back from GoW1 nor the Island in GoW2, nor Mt. Olympus in GoW3.

    Worst of all... orange blood. WTF? It feels less brutal to have orange blood.


    Red Dead Redemption

    John Marsden is a great character. I love the kind of story they were telling. I love how the map opens up to Mexico half way through. I appreciate the attempt to use the open world to tell a grand narrative.

    But I found the dusty open road to be so incredibly boring. I found the cities to feel really empty. I hated all of the cringy attempts at comedy writing that the Houser's insist on putting into every cutscene. Worst of all, the missions were ass boring with an especially boring combat system.

    GTA IV was much better and the repetition in that game was superseded by an amazing physics sandbox and a near perfect open world aesthetic in Liberty City.


    Zelda BotW

    Best first 10 hours I've ever had in a game, then the hardest falloff I've ever had. I think pausing every 10 seconds to eat food and Elixers has to be one of the most annoying things in all of gaming. So much of that game is bogged down by bad controls and menu navigation.

    On top of it, Shrine's got so boring, climbing around everywhere hoping to find something interesting lost me over time.

    Dead Rising and Elden Ring do it much better where you use consumables on the fly and every part of the map is exciting.

  • @dipset Yet another thing I would bet was cut from BOTW when it was moved to Switch. The gamepad could have been used for so much more. Of course, Nintendo made the right choice but I would love to see what that game would have been if it had been built with the gamepad in mind.

  • The Last of Us

    The definition of mediocre

  • recently played God of war on PC.

    its bad. like real bad. and its getting 10/10. its walking in straight line with combat that is incredible slow. barely a video game.

  • I will admit, I used to be impressed with Red Faction: Guerilla's building collapses, but the game can't stand up by itself without them. These days it's an outdated game with next to nothing that makes it worthwhile anymore.

  • Elden Ring
    Dark Souls

  • @yoshi said in Heavily Praised Games You Don't See The Fuss About:

    Elden Ring
    Dark Souls

    The original Dark Souls is on the Switch, give it a go :)