Odyssey Problems?

  • I've recently watched a 2 hour video deriding Super Mario Odyssey for its star-collecting, and the general sense it's far from a masterpiece that many claim it to be. I wonder if any of you found Odyssey to be a pain in the ass at all, or think it's nowhere near as good as critics make it out to be. Personally I love Odyssey and think it's the best Switch game so far.

  • I'm assuming you're referring to Joseph Anderson? lol

  • I really love Odyssey but I don't like as a collect-a-thon. I would never want to complete this game 100%. It's too overwhelming.

    I never read any review in detail so I don't know what critics say about it.

  • I love the game itself, but there really isn't much of it.

    Sure, there is a big post-game Power Moon haul you can be doing. But for a full price game, it feels severely lacking. It is more of a personal thing, but I don't love the hunt for Moons in this game. Not every challenge is fun. Like Don said in an Opinion Yell, "Open up my mailbox, 'Oh look, another Moon!'". I feel the same way.

    There are 17 Kingdoms if you loosely define every loading screen as a kingdom.

    But when you look closer 8/17 are either tutorial, transitional areas, bonus level, or boss arena. So 47% of the levels aren't really even levels.

    On top of it, they aren't all made equal. Which Kingdom is best is definitely subjective and I'm not about to argue one over the other, but the first level Cascade Kingdom, is really cool but I can throw a football from one end to the other end. It's tiny and linear.

    I feel as through It Takes Two, Astro's Playroom, and Rift Apart brought a better sense of variety and longevity. Odyssey has a pretty amazing core gameplay and the level progression was amazing. It was the most surprising Mario game I've probably ever played. I loved the foresty area, it reminded me of Dark Souls. And the Dragon area reminded me of Dark Souls III. The game is bonkers in the best way possible.

    I just felt like it comes and goes so quickly.

  • Incredible game. Best 3D Mario since Sunshine. My favourite Switch game too. There are definitely too many moons though. Buying the last hundred-and-whatever was ridiculous.

  • @demonpirate Yes it was him.

  • odyssey is a great game. but it's not a masterpiece and it's still very overrated just like Zelda BOTW is.

    previous 3D Mario games like Sunshine and 3D World are still much better.

  • Odyssey is honestly probably my least favorite 3D Mario. I can't even think of one I like less right now. Alot of it is just running around and picking a thing up. You don't have to think about how to get somewhere or solve a puzzle or perform some tight platforming. It is just bing bing wahoo, watch the Moon collection animation, and then run 6 feet until you're doing the same shit all over again. I collected every unique Moon in the game in like a week when it came out, and I cannot believe how highly people talk about that game. "But it gets challenging in postgame." Maybe for some people, but there were legitimately less Moons than I can count on a single hand that I had to put effort towards earning, including the postgame Moons. Even worse, when you are collecting every single unique Moon in the game you'll start to notice them repeating gimmicks for some that definitely should've been a one time thing. Some of the environments even started to annoy me, just with how long you'd spend in them collecting the Moons. I got so sick of that one song from Forest Kingdom.

    Despite having all those cool costumes you can buy, you don't even earn enough coins naturally just by going through the whole game collecting every Moon to buy them all, so you have to grind that nightmarish Luigi's Balloon World shit if you're a completionist to finish collecting them all. I eventually just said fuck it and stopped collecting the postrelease ones.

    The way this game treats the cast of characters kind of irks me too. Captain Toad is the only one handled well. Peach is just full damsel and despite appearing postgame across the Kingdoms in different outfits with her own Bonneter, she's never made playable. Plus, she treats Mario like shit after he goes through the entire game to rescue her. We go from her baking Mario a cake to thank him traditionally to her literally ditching Mario with Bowser by taking off in the very ship he used to rescue her. Luigi is restricted to a dumb mode, as I went into before. Bowser takes the back seat to weird, not Rabbid characters that I never need to see in another Mario title ever again, and despite being cool in the cutscenes, his boss fights are super underwhelming.

    I know I already complained about the difficulty of the game, but that final Kingdom, honestly in general how we go from The Moon (cool) to the Dark Side (less cool) and then the Darker Side (congrats, you ruined it) just feels like a slap after going through the slog of collecting all the optional Moons to unlock those. Dark Side is literally just previous challenges but slightly harder now yet still somehow too easy and a Boss Rush thing that manages to be boring. Darker Side is supposed to be the ultimate challenge but ends up being a total cakewalk. The only mildly redeeming feature of it being the talk with Cappy near the end of it.

    Most Mario games I'll revisit every couple years to replay 100% of, because at their core they're still fun and engaging to go back through. Odyssey is a boring slog with, as mentioned previously, over 2 hours of you sitting there watching Mario do the spin jingle. I legitimately have no interest ever revisiting it, and I don't want any future games like it. It was so relieving when Bowser's Fury pivoted away from it and managed to mix the Mario formula with an open world nature in a way more meaningful way.

    I better leave it at that. There's so many more complaints I have about the game if I go into it, like all the halfassed Kingdoms, but at a certain point it feels like nitpicking, when at it's core the reason I really dislike the game can be boiled down to a complete and total lack of difficulty throughout mixed with a shit ton of "busy work". I mean the Kingdoms themselves don't even evolve as you do stuff in them like Sunshine's levels. Okay, I said I was stopping. I'm out.

    Edit: Came back, because I HAVE TO add how they made fucking Motion Control shit mandatory for some Moons, and even for the ones that aren't you straight up move faster and such when using the Motion Control versions of Moves, so if you're not waggling you're missing out and doing stuff slower and less efficient. Absolute dogshit game design. Oh, and while I'm bringing this up, remember how they had to patch the game when Switch Lite came out, because those Rumble Moons would be impossible to find on one otherwise? I guess that's more of a problem with the Switch Lite than Odyssey, but figured I'd lump that on the stack.

  • @mbun said in Odyssey Problems?:

    Darker Side is supposed to be the ultimate challenge but ends up being a total cakewalk.

    Maybe if you're a hardcore Mario veteran, but it took me many tries. It's kind of a false difficulty, though. Each individual section is quite easy, but you have go through all of them without dying once. And if you don't have perfect reflexes to avoid the instant death traps, you have to replay the earlier sections over and over as you learn to avoid them.

    @mbun said in Odyssey Problems?:

    I mean the Kingdoms themselves don't even evolve as you do stuff in them like Sunshine's levels.

    While the stages don't get heavily altered, they do open up fully once you beat each Kingdom boss.

  • Tbh, I never had much of an issue with the game being easy. I didn't mind the casual experience although I would welcome a few more hardcore challenges. I'm not even an experienced Mario player and I found it quite easy overall.

    But the half assed Kingdom's is what bothers me most. On one hand, they are conceptually awesome. On the other hand, progression for them doesn't feel as fun as other recent platformers. I got a much bigger kick out of progressing through the entirety of any given Spyro 2 Re-Ignited level than I did in Odyssey.

    I think there is just one missing element and then the game would be damn near perfect. For me, it's the levels. Like, if the challenges for the Moon's required a bit more character interaction or platforming to discover secret areas or little things like that, I think I'd enjoy it more. I feel like the level doesn't progress or unravel very much. Believe it or not, Luncheon Kingdom is my favourite level because of the progression throughout the level felt a bit more earned. Lots of platforming and combat to get through it all. Navigating it doesn't come easy.

    I do love the game though, I just feel like it's missing something. Even if they had like 3-4 more levels, it would put it over the edge for me.

  • It's a great game to get high and just enjoy how creative it is. Looks, controls and sounds great. Don't have any real complaints about it. The worst 3D Mario for me is Sunshine and this is significantly better.

  • @phbz Funny how you say Odyssey is creative, and then knock Sunshine, the most creative 3D Mario. There's so many memorable segments in Sunshine, like you're exploring a theme park, unraveling the mysteries of a hotel that's been sealed away in ink when you first get there, or fixing a polluted bay until you end up cleaning an eel's teeth at the bottom of it. I really can't think of much like that in Odyssey. That Kingdom where the bird steals Cappy was a good mix up, but that's pretty much a nod to Mario 64, although a good extension of it. The Deep Forest or whatever it is called in the Forest Kingdom was an amazing idea, but they spoiled it at E3 before the game came out, so it didn't hit as hard as it could've. That's about all I've got though.

    Nothing else really HAPPENS anywhere you go. Yeah, some Kingdoms have states where after a boss you can access more of it, but it doesn't really feel like they're evolving or any story is being told. I guess I do have to give a nod to the stuff Bowser steals for the wedding actually being gone in each Kingdom after. That's at least a cool touch, but the game doesn't have nearly enough of that kind of stuff. So despite having a bunch of NPCs chilling, it doesn't feel as alive or real in the end. I even think games like 3D Land and 3D World did a better job with areas telling little stories or being little ecosystems you're platforming through. Like everyone loves New Donk City, because that's one part of the game that feels like it is actually evolving between the state it is in when you get there, after you rescue the city, after you gather the musicians, after you clean up their sewers, and then you culminate in the festival as a big payoff. Makes it feel like a real place, which I sadly cannot say about many other Kingdoms. The one that annoys me most is the one with the blizzard that's just an underground town full of little puzzle rooms, and after the blizzard is gone you realize the Kingdom above is tiny nothingness.

  • @mbun I just played sunshine for the first time when All Stars came out. Was definitely worst then what I expecting and I went for it with low expectations.

    It's fine but it's the only Mario game I don't love. Some truly bad designed levels and sub par controls makes it impossible for me to put it above any 3D Mario. That's not to say that there isn't anything good about it, I still enjoyed it and it says a lot about a series when what I consider the worst game is still better than most in the genre.