On the subject of 2017's Prey

  • I look back on 2017's Prey with shrugged shoulders. A fine game that did nothing wrong, but soon became a relic of the forgotten. So I ask did you guys like Prey or was it worth forgetting?

  • Definitely not for me, it's still pretty much up at the top for my favourite games of the generation.
    I have a very clear memory of the game actually, mostly down to running the game multiple times in a row to see all the endings, experiment with the level design (the foam gun made me want to attempt loads of things such as traversal shortcuts or even things like sequence breaking) , finding all the crew bodies and ultimately get the platinum.

  • I love it, it's on my GOAT list. Phenomenal level design and world building. Kinda kills me seeing games like Prey and Dishonored failing commercially.

  • I haven't played it yet but I intend on it. I love immersive sim games. My upper echelon of atmosphere in gaming is: Riddick: Butcher Bay, Half Life 2, Alien Isolation, Bioshock, and Batman Arkham Asylum. All of those games have one thing in common: A really well designed game world. Butcher Bay, City 17, Sevastopol Station, Rapture, Arkham Asylum were all just incredible places to be in.

    I've heard Prey is up there in that well designed, atmospheric game world.

    I actually liked the original Prey on 360. It was a good rental and had cool ideas. This looks nothing like it, but I thought it's worth mentioning if somebody wants to pick it up in the bargain bin.

  • Too derivative of Bioshock and the story doesn't pay off. It's not fun to play and I never believed in the world. I especially didn't like the trash collecting and recycling. Some of the level design was clever and I liked the gloo gun though.

  • Its true successor of System shock 2 and one of the best game of past generation.

    need more immersive sim.

  • @ringedwithtile If anything the BioShock series is an over simplification and derivative of the immersive sim genre, genre which Prey fully embraces.

    I honestly see no significant contact point between both but I would like to know why you have that opinion.

    @DIPSET Oh lord, do play it!!! Just make sure you do it on PC or Series X.

  • @phbz
    Oh, I don't really like Bioshock either, but of all the immersive sim games I've played, Prey has the most in common with that one. In terms of setting and premise it's much closer to System Shock to be sure, but the horror and storytelling elements of the SS games make them feel different. Bioshock is a horror game for about 20 minutes, and the scariest thing in Prey is a touch screen.

    Some similarities, though many lifted from SS2 by Bioshock:

    Intentionally misleading introduction with aerial travel, using a camera to research enemies introduced about a third of the way through the game, moral choices that don't really end up meaning anything, hacking turrets with an annoying minigame, powering up with injections, scampering enemies, clumsy gunplay, a radio guide with an ambiguous identity, a main character with a similar issue. But it might be more of a feeling thing, the FOV, the art direction, the gameplay. It's certainly more Bioshock than it is Arx Fatalis, grant me that.

    Prey has more interesting tools and a world better designed around a the implementation of these tools. You feel clever when you drop an apple and turn into it to get through a broken door or use a foam dart to hit a switch. It's a cool trick, but it feels less cool doing it for the 5th time and finding a keycard to the room a half hour later.

  • I thought it's really good. In terms of Sci-Fi games it's probably one of my favorites in recent years. The first few hours were quite terrifying with those pesky mimics hiding in plain sight, and later on it can be really fun to just use whatever knowledge and skills you have obtained so far to get through obstacles. Also exploring the space station itself is really fun and rewarding. I'm still bummed that it flew under many people's radars, but it is what it is. To echo the Bioshock comparisons, Prey is easily the best Bioshock game imo.

  • btw Dishonored's Death of the Outsider connects both universes. It's good on its own but Prey fans will take a bit more out of it.

  • With a Game Pass subscription, I have no excuse to not try this game.

    Added it to my list:
    GGApp - MIKEYMO: Want to Play

    I'll report back when I do play it. Might queue it up once I finish Cyberpunk 2077.

  • @dipset I hope you enjoy it more than I did. Mind you I didn't play too much of, the thing I enjoyed most was its theme entitled "Everything Is Going to Be Ok".