Toy Box Tuesday - Official Discussion Thread

  • This is the official home of the Easy Allies Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box Build Crew. We have until September 30th, 2016 (although I don't want to cut it that close) to finish one of the last Toy Boxes to ever be submitted directly to Disney.

    We have already started building it, and several of you (whose names and PSN IDs I have) already added your creative ideas to the logo. I will keep that info to myself and allow others who have yet to get involved to leave their info here. If you've already played, and would like to jump back in, just mention that here - it's up to you. I need your PSN ID and TWITCH ID. Send a friend request to "Sidnyne" on PSN. Mention "Toy Box Tuesday." PS4 only. All we're going to be doing until the end of September, every Tuesday, is complete this toy box. I appreciate all of your support, viewers and builders alike!

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    Hey I'd love to take a Half Day one Tuesday and work on the Toybox!

    Twitch: SilentConsonant
    PSN: KyoUmerio

    I sent a Request a couple of Tuesdays ago.

  • I'd love to help out, if possible. However, my schedule varies and I don't know if I'll be available when Toy box Tuesday is going on. My Twitch and PSN ID is myxer982.


  • Hey Allies, Brandon mentioned changing the time for toybox tuesday next week. Any idea when that may be so I can keep that time open to help out some more.


  • I really wish I'd known about this snooner, I would have had much earlier as I wouldn't have much experience with the game, at first.... not like now in still far from an expert but I could have helped loads, as i work from home.

    Oh well,

    Got it set up twitch now so I know when the guys are streaming.

    ANYWAY I also just got over like the worst cold ever , thankfully it wasn't flu, so I hope Brandon gets better if it was ANYTHING like mine he's has my deepest sympathy ..

    Oh and my name not it's no mgs related I adore all foxes my favourite bring and Grey's
    My surname.

    Nice to meet everyone only just joined this forum too.


    Anyone know if the levels are approved and up now I'm on 3.0 in my PS4 and typed in all the keywords I could think of for them and I can't find them????
    Sorry if it's been mentioned in a toybox episode in still catching up.

    [alt text] url)

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    RIP Toybox Tuesday unpinning this

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    @Swordfish00830 Or we could rename it to His Tuesday stream? just come up with a cleaver name :D

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    That can work @Lotias