Bonkers Comments About Your Favourite Games

  • I know most of us don't pay much attention to people who comment negatively about a game you love. Everyone has their preferences and what they believe that's always cool. However, just because everyone has opinions doesn't mean that some of them won't make you want to scream or put the naysayers right.

    Somebody recently made a Tiermaker and placed Inside into the category of "hipster bait". Now I'm not the biggest Inside fan on the planet, but there is no way in beef jerky Inside is hipster or bait of any kind. Inside is wonderful, short and filled with underlying messages that it's a real pleasure to experience.

    Please share some of your shock and/or major reactions from something somebody said that disparaged a game you love.

  • The "nostalgia goggles" argument. Thinking an old game is only good because of nostalgia.

  • I never cared for people who say a game has no gameplay just because it looks cinematic or it doesn't force shootouts/battle sequences every 10 seconds down your throat. God forbid having any sort of gameplay variety or trying to do something other than just violence. I also don't like when people use "slow" as a negative descriptor without further explanation, mostly because I like it when games have nuanced pacing instead of just the typical ramp up.

  • Banned

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  • I believe we shouldn't leave out a certain member of this fourms opinion that the Resident Evil 2 Remake is awful "because you can't shoot out lights "

  • @dmcmaster I don't remember this XD

  • I get annoyed when along with criticism comes the judgement of those who enjoy it.

    Stuff like, this game is bad because "you can't even shoot lamps" or "women can have muscles" I honestly live for that. It's hilariously dumb.

    The nostalgia thing is annoying, but whatever. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Kind of irrelevant. It does annoy me when it's like a 2003 game I've just played for the first time and the person still insists is nostalgia.

    People who never played a game, say that game is trash, then use its metacritic/open critic score as an argument and then, on top of that, the score is actually a 70 or an 80 as if anything under a 90 isn't even worth existing.

  • I find there's a tendency for people to mistrust someone's opinion on a game/film based on their opinions of other games/films. I'm pretty sure there are some people out there who will hate what Ryan McCaffrey thinks of a game based on his 5.9/10 score for Alien: Isolation.