The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2005!

  • @dipset said in The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2005!:

    I found this on YouTube. I think this is a prime example of the audio/visual masterpiece Revenge is:

    That's the Xbox 360 version that came out in 2006 and added a ridiculous amount of bloom.

    Here's the real stuff, original Xbox:

    Youtube Video – [1:09:01..]

    Besides sharper graphics and a more varied soundtrack, what does Revenge have that Takedown doesn't?


  • Burnout Revenge placed 9th out of the 13 games I've played from 2005, so it barely missed out on an Honorable Mention. I was first exposed to Burnout at a friend of my mom's and this friend's sons had either this or Burnout 3 (can't remember which). I was impressed from Crash Mode so I got Revenge and from what I remember I played as much as I could and unlocked quite a few cars, but after a while, I remember becoming less and less interested. It might've been finishing all the content, or diminishing returns, but the shine of Crash Mode and the high speed races became less and less captivating. Still, at the time, it was fun for what it was/is. Also, I put like, three songs on repeat constantly because I remember the soundtrack for the most part was a miss.

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    Also, I put like, three songs on repeat constantly because I remember the soundtrack for the most part was a miss.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    The rest was less memorable, but fit the action well.

  • @oscillator push the button, such a good album

  • @oscillator Yep, two of those (Red Flag, Break on Through) are what I remember. I think the other song was called "Flyover." Because all I remember was the singer just repeating that word over and over. But all of those, I think I like Red Flag the most.

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    #11: Star Wars: Battlefront II - 8 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 1 (Brannox)
    #3: 0
    #4: 1 (Oscillator)
    HM: 2 (Sentinel Beach, kindiman)


    Release date: EU: October 31, NA: November 1
    Developer: Pandemic Studios
    Publisher: LucasArts, Activision (Europe PS2/XBOX), Electronic Arts (Japan PS2/PSP)
    Genre: Action, third-person shooter, first-person shooter
    Platform(s): PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, Xbox



  • Both Battlefront games were really great. I played the first one a bit more though. Both of them are way better than the EA games but just not good enough to make my top 8.

  • @oscillator

    Billy Talent & Billy Talent II were seminal albums among the kids in school growing up. Hometown hero's.

    I think Red Flag is in SSX On Tour, NHL 06, AND Burnout Revenge. Red Flag was like all over EA Sports in 2006.

  • Pandemic Studios is one of my all-time favourites <3 So many hours in BFII, too.

  • Oh hell yeah! The proper Battlefront II (to me)!

    I can't begin to explain the effect of what I'm going to guess is the HUNDREDS of hours I put JUST into Galactic Conquest had on me. I tried the campaign a couple of times but I think I got tripped up on the Yavin IV mission as it was too hard for me, but GC was AWESOME. I found it hilarious they balanced it to be harder if you chose to play as the Confederates or the Rebels whereas playing as the Empire was the easiest model. And I played the Republic GC by FAR.

    Space Combat was infuriating until I figured out purchasing the crippling vehicles powerup (I can't remember what the purchasable boosts were called) for practically an entirely vehicle based mode led to almost instant victory as my forces had an advantage at the start. The other two purchases I always made sure I had was the extra Garrison of an addition (I think) 30 troops if your team fell below a certain number and because it was always the cheapest, I was able to use it for every match. And the other was the most expensive, but the most awesome: The Hero powerup, where you could spawn in as a hero associated with that planet for that time period.

    I never really deviated from the base unit (So no specialists like a sniper, rocket launcher, etc.), but I found it awesome that, because I played so much, I could look at a squadmate, hit up on the d-pad, and they would follow me. When you rank up enough, would could have a max of like, 4-6 allies following you around wherever you go.

    To say I constantly wiped up all 150 enemy units and took as many control points as possible. And playing in places like the rainy Kamino, the skybridges of Mygeeto, the beaches of Kashyyyk, the tunnels of Polis Masa, and jungles of Dagobah was fantastic. Not Naboo though. I was there more than any other map because the CPU enemy ALWAYS wanted to take it. Annoying as hell.

    To close, I wish I could've seen what the cancelled Battlefront III could've been but alas, even though I haven't revisited this in a long, LONG time (my copy IS on PS2 after all), I have very fond feelings for this. But there was one game in 2005 I loved more....

    Anyway, high fives to fellow voters: @Sentinel-Beach, @kindiman, and @Oscillator!

  • I only rented Battlefront II once, but had a lot of fun with it. Solid in all respects.

  • 0_1653148819771_grand theft auto liberty city stories.png

    #10: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - 8 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 1 (kindiman)
    #4: 0
    HM: 1 (DIPSET)


    Release date: NA: October 24, PAL: November 4
    Developer: Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar North
    Publisher: Rockstar Games
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, iOS, Android, Fire OS



  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories almost got my vote. I don't remember the story that well but it was cool returning to Liberty City from GTA 3. It was also impressive playing this game on a handheld in 2005.

  • I really don't remember nothing from this game. I just thought it was very underwhelming and was disappointed that you couldn't fly any helicopters or planes nor could you swim. It would be a good opportunity to bring something new to the Liberty City from GTA III but all they added were bikes and the weapon arsenal from Vice City.

    I think it's by far the weakest from the 5 GTA III era games.

  • No further comment regarding any GTA.

    Now that we've reached the top 10, I think with a very high confidence I could guess half of what's left, but I'm curious what's yet to be unveiled.

  • Liberty City Stories was a great marvel for the PSP. I know it seems like it's just a weak-ass fusion of GTA 3 and Vice City, but honestly on a PSP and with it looking as good as it did on a handheld, I had no problem with it at all. Toni Cipriani maybe a bum smoocher, but it was great to see much of the cast from GTA 3 returning for LCS. The reason I put this high on my list was because I was enamored with how good it was and it showcased the true quality that can come from the PSP.

  • I really didn't like playing these Stories games on the PSP because of the controls. I much prefer the PS2 versions.

  • Liberty City Stories is good and certainly very impressive for the handheld, but I just think Vice City Stories is so much better. My opinion of LCS keeps going down as I keep comparing it to other GTAs.

  • 0_1653238734154_Pokémon Emerald.png

    #9: Pokémon Emerald - 8 points


    #1: 1 (brunojoey)
    #2: 0
    #3: 0
    #4: 1 (Shoulderguy)
    HM: 1 (Brannox)


    Release date: NA: May 1, AU: June 9, EU: October 21
    Developer: Game Freak
    Publisher: Nintendo, The Pokémon Company
    Genre: Role-playing
    Platform(s): Game Boy Advance



  • Of the 13 games from 2005 I've played, Pokemon Emerald sits at 6th.

    Personally, I prefer Ruby/Sapphire over Emerald as I'm not a big fan of Scott or the post-game Battle Frontier. I DO think the coolest thing about Emerald are the double battles and how you can team up with Steven on Mossdeep Island at the Space Center (though I think it's kind of dumb he's a "secret" boss and not the Champion. Wallace, the Water gym leader from R/S is the League Champion, and the Sootopolis City Gym is ran by Juan and honestly, no Champion should have a single type, but that's another thing I dislike about Emerald).

    And while I appreciate you getting to choose between Latios and Latias you want to spawn once you become Champion, getting a lv. 70 Rayquaza as early as you can in Emerald kind of makes the challenge not all that much. Instead, I wish he was 45 like the others because catching Groudon/Kyogre being roughly at the same level in their respective games and be a viable team member for the final Gym/Pokemon League. (And yes, I know you catch the opposite at Level 70, but that's more of an endgame thing and at that point, there's really nothing left worth doing).

    Overall though, the third gen is the last gen of Pokemon I truly love. While I do agree the adventure goes down in quality once you go out to sea post Lilycove/Team Hideout (which is super fun!), it's still an overall great time. Like all three Pokemon gens I hold dear, I always find the opening hours the best. So in this gen, I would say by the time you finish Dewford Town is when the magic gets a little lessened for me. And because it's a Pokemon game, I gotta drop my preferred team:

    With the exception of choosing Torchic (which, for me, all gen 3 starters are good, unlike the previous two, but I'm always partial to Fire types for whatever reason) and catching the given game's Legendary, all the rest of my final team I trade in from another game:

    Metagross (from Beldum) and Salamence (from Bagon) are always locks, so no matter what, I will always have the same half of my final team (including Blaziken). To provide some varied typing, I'll also try to bring in Raichu (from trading Pikachu), and Crawdaunt (from trading Corphish). But along the way, at one point or another, I typically will make the effort to pick up a Taillow, Ralts, Shroomish naturally, and even trade in a Skarmory and eventually when I hit an appropriate level to switch them out for my choices above. However, if I'm lucky enough to have found an alternate Legendary (like the aforementioned Latios/Latias) from a previous playthrough, I'll sub out one of the others to ensure the Dragons are brought in.

    Meaning: My ultimate Dream Team of gen 3 is:

    Blaziken (Fire/Fighting)
    Metagross (Steel/Psychic)
    Salamence (Flying/Dragon)
    Groudon (Fire/Ground)
    Kyogre (Water)
    Latios/Latias (Dragon/Psychic)

    • [Rayquaza (Dragon/Flying) when not available]

    To close, as always I want to give my digital fist-bumps to my fellow voters! Shoutouts to @Shoulderguy and @bruno_saurus!