Gaming Regrets

  • Back on August 31st 2005 I became a newly minted 13 year-old. Mum took me into town, where I bought several WWE VHS tapes and a few other things, then I went home to indulge myself. Little did I know the very next day the PSP came out. Damn I feel like I should kick myself in hindsight. I legitimately had no idea the PSP was coming out, so when GTA: Liberty City Stories was emblazoned on the front of videogame magazines, I wanted it so bad, I was starving like a wolf to get my hands on it.

    I didn't get my mitts on Liberty City Stories until June 2006 when it came to PS2, and a PSP until my birthday rolled around again on August 31st when I turned 14.

    I also semi-regret buying a used Wii U with the cable chewed through to the core. But hey, I wanted a Wii-U on the cheap at the time.

    Got any videogame regrets to share?

  • There's a handful of games I wish I had picked up earlier, or had a chance to give a fair shot. Like it wasn't till about 2-3 years ago I finally played Gears of War all the way thru. I'd played it once or twice at a formet friend's house but his ADHD made trying to play anything with him a complete pain in the ass. Cutscene last too long, game goes off. Dies too many times in one spot, game goes off. You get the idea.

  • Without boring all who read into the reasons why (and in no particular order):

    Ico/Shadow of the Colossus
    Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
    Crash: Twinsanity
    Assassin's Creed
    Need for Speed: Undercover
    SoulCalibur IV
    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (the original trilogy)
    Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • Bringing my Xperia Play with me when I took a bath at a waterfall. Pretty much halved the performance of the phone even after I dried it. All my PS1 games and such that I installed never played smoothly on it ever again.

  • @bam541 That reminds me, I spilled a drink on my PS4 and had to have it repaired.

  • buying a PSP was a mistake.

  • Easy answer.

    Selling my Game Cube games.

    When I was a kid, I had PS1 / Genesis at my dad's house and N64 at my mom's house. I loved my Nintendo 64 and asked for a Game Cube right away in 2001.

    For my birthday and Christmas, I got a new Game Cube with Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 which hooked me on the series. I got into SSX and SSX Tricky. Harvest Moon. Just so many great games. I had an awesome collection. All of the Prime games, all of the exclusives including F-Zero. I had all of the multiplatform games on GC as well such as Tony Hawk, NFS, FIFA, NHL series.

    Then my GC broke.

    My dad bought me a new one and a year or two later, my new GC broke. Apparently the GC is the most reliable console but it broke twice on me and I am a careful owner. My friends all had PS2 and they wanted me to get into SOCOM II and Star Wars Battlefront with them so I asked my parents for a PS2.

    Now, they weren't impressed with Nintendo breaking twice so they were open to buying me a PS2 instead of a new GC but they told me I only get the games that come with it. At Best Buy, PS2 came with my choice of 2 games so I got SOCOM II and Jet Li's Rise to Honor.

    I went to EB Games and sold all of my GC games to fund new PS2 games.


    It made sense as a child because I had no money, but I'd kill for to have that collection back...


    Same kinda goes for when I sold most of my PS2 games to fund PS3 games like Uncharted and Warhawk but my PS2 collection wasn't as good. By the time PS4 rolled around, I had a job so I didn't need to sell stuff to afford new games.

    Just such a massive regret overall.

  • @dipset
    On a somewhat similar note as it wasn't me who did this (but it was my stuff) my brother trading all my Gamecube and Wii games because "well you have them all on a Hard Drive now" just so he could get a bunch of songs for Rock Band. I was fucking Furious and still have not been able to get back some of the games I used to own. At least not for an affordable price. (Fire Emblem on GCN and Wii spring to mind)
    Granted I've lucked out here and there at a estate sale, the local library, or pawn shop on occasion (F-Zero and MP Trilogy for $4) and it was around 90 something games too if I recall, split between both systems

  • @dmcmaster

    Good fucking god. Throw aside the family ties and sue him jesus murphy.

    I can get like $400 for my copy of Chibi-Robo! Smash Bro's, Pikmin, and Metroid Prime all sit around $50-150 now.

  • @dipset
    Oh I wanted to, but our mom talked me out of it, also I was like 19, and he was 15 at the time. Instead we came to an agreement that he would pay me the total value of all the games at time of purchase($50-$90 depending per game, dependingon the game) until I have managed to reclaim all of them.

    If I can find it I do have the receipt of when he traded all the games in a folder somewhere, but I think one of my old HDDS has JUST the games he traded and not stuff I added afterwards (although the file creation date should help find them too)

  • This isn't really a regret, as you can't predict these things ever, but maybe around 2010 I bought a complete copy of Cubivore for $60, then sold it for the same amount after I finished it.

    It is now going for $800.