Your Favorite 2022 Games... So Far

  • So the "E3" month is upon us, and while it's not quite the middlepoint of the year, I think it's the right time to look back at the how the year's been treating y'all gaming-wise. There's some big hitters that I expect to show up but I'm sure you guys have something else in mind too.

    I have a bunch of backlog to stay content with, so I don't necessarily feel the need to try out everything at launch anymore. I leave stuff like Elden Ring and other games that aren't exactly my most anticipated stuff for later. The good news is that all the games that I did play are like at least an 9/10 so I didn't miss at all with my purchases. Also I don't have a Switch anymore so can't play anything the Big N released. Anyway here's all the 2022 games I played, and ranked too for your convenience.


  • My top 5 games of this year are:
    1.The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe
    2.OlliOlli World
    3.Gran Turismo 7
    4.Kirby and the Forgotten Land
    5.WWE 2K22

    In regards to some of the bigger releases that aren't in my top 5-I guess I feel like I didn't have the time to play them to extent of which they deserve to be played. I am not into Souls' type games even though I have dabbled in Elden Ring, but not enough to put it anywhere in the top 5. Horizon: Forbidden West I've spent a decent chunk of time with. I do like and I do think it's far better than Zero Dawn, but Aloy and the characters are too uninteresting because their personalities are sterile and samey to me. SIFU is pretty awesome, but I haven't dived in properly since a few days after it came out. Then there's Ghostwire Tokyo-which looks super slick but I'm worried it'll get tiresome before long.

  • Man I forgot about SIFU! I wanted to get the physical edition but I just kinda forgot about it, I hope they're still available. Lots of good stuff released in this year so far.

    1. Elden Ring
    2. Syberia: The World Before

    I honestly think that's it so far. I really enjoyed both, Elden Ring maybe a little bit more.

  • I have a really boring answer because I've barely played anything in 2022 so far. My two games are: Elden Ring and GT7.

    I know, vanilla. I haven't completed either game (although I'm extremely close to finishing GT7 Cafe) and I feel like both are built to last. GT7 has Sport Mode so I can practice for online racers for years to come. Elden Ring is a long game in itself and I am almost positive it'll turn into a live service based on the amount of people who purchased it.

    I probably won't partake in the eventual GOTY 2022 thread because I'm just too far behind and have no intention of buying new games until I'm ready to play them. But these are some I intend on playing in 2022:

    • VtM: Swansong (TBD - Don't really want to use EGS)
    • Weird West
    • Norco
    • Chinatown Detective Agency
    • God of War: Ragnarok

  • I'm on board with all the praise Elden Ring gets. It's probably one of my favorite games ever.

    Kirby is really great as well. My favorite Kirby game. Then I've also play The King of Fighters XV. It is really good also but have not played too much of it.

  • @neocweeny I keep forgetting that KoF XV is out. I really hope that it's able to keep a solid player base, it seems like the most effort SNK has put into something in a while.

  • @bam541 Yes, I think it's probably the best SNK game since KoF XIII

  • 0_1654019049643_Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 12.43.42 PM.png

    Right now this is my tentative list of the four games I've spent a lot of time with or beaten this year! Going through Horizon right now, so soon it'll be five actual games! Loved all of these games through different grooves I've had with em!

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    Upcoming games I'm excited about:
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  • Elden Ring, so far it's my current frontrunner for GOTY.

    My top 10 this year:

    1. Elden Ring
    2. Pokémon Legends: Arceus
    3. Horizon Forbidden West
    4. Kirby and the Forgotten Land
    5. Triangle Strategy
    6. GhostWire: Tokyo
    7. MLB The Show 22
    8. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
    9. Trek to Yomi
    10. The House of the Dead: Remake

  • Kirby & the Forgotten Land is easily my my favourite 2022 game. it's definitely a GOTY quality game but it still would have to go up against other upcoming games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Bayonetta 3.

    but so far Kirby is my pick GOTY out of what's been put out so far
    Kirby Forgotten Land is even better than Mario Odyssey imo.

  • just started sniper elite 5: great fun but a copy of the 4th instalment and quite clunky on controller.

    chaosgate: loving it, amazing considering it has low funds or support from GW