Warcraft: Legion

  • I was curious if anyone was interested in starting up warcraft with me? I just Re-subbed today to take part in the legion pre-expansion event that started toady. So, to make this a proper kind of thread. What servers do you play on? What servers do you recommend? Faction on server? How do we go about starting up an EZA guild if there isn't one already.

    Just to go that layer deeper, if we were to all start fresh, what classes could we all start brand new to make a dream team, keeping in mind multiple five mans and raid team sizes.

    My suggestion:

    Server: Illidan
    Faction: Horde
    Guild Creation: Invites only from these forums or Discord chat.

    I would love to have a set up of:

    Tanks: 4
    Healers: 4
    DPS: 12

    Now that you can have all three specs and stats on most gear changes with your spec I think getting the tanks and healers would be a simple thing, just have those players play a hybrid class, something I think there will be plenty of since Demon Hunters can be all 3 roles.

    My preferred class: Warlock

  • I recommend getting in, getting out, and never looking back. That's not to harsh the vibe here, but rather just my personal experience.

  • Well I'm not planning to start on any other server than the one I play on but you're welcome to B-net add me if you want. (Listed in sig).

    Alliance On Frostwolf though I rarely play there anymore, and my main server is Tichondrius on which I play Horde. I mostly tank, my wife usually heals for me since I can't trust randoms to handle either role.

    And with good teammates I play a mean DPS, pretty much any class you give me.

  • Im coming back after not playing since the start of last xpack and am willing 2 move servers if we get a big enough eza guild since its basically just me and 1 rl friend on my server farstriders.

    class will b warrior or DH and tank all day bby

  • I'm thinking of coming back. I have a few 100s, but it's just a matter of free time.

    There's so many games coming out, so many I still have to play.

  • I've never really played WoW. I tried to once but had no idea what to do except keep accepting small quests. It got realllly grindy buy i dont think thats what the game is about. Maybe im wrong? Idk. Is this a good time to jump in?