Mario Strikers: Battle League

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    so did anyone else here try out Mario Strikers Battle League today?
    i've only played a little bit of the gamecube strikers at a nintendo shopping centre event but that was more than 15 years ago. i haven't played it at all on either the gamecube or wii since that event.

    i did have a lot of fun with Battle League playing the first online session for it today though. keen to get into it and make a team with some mates. the next level games animations are fantastic too. Wario's in particular i thought were great.

    post thoughts and impressions here. just a Mario Strikers general discussion thread really.

  • Played the original a ton on Gamecube, never did get around to the Wii version though which looked annoying.

    Managed to play through all the tutorial stuff and played a couple of matches during the 1st session as well. I'm relatively impressed from a mechanics standpoint, though I wouldn't say it was a totally smooth online performance. 2v2 online is a little odd and the connection never felt rock solid... its hard for me to think I'll play a ton of online, and if I do it would be 1v1. Gameplay hasn't changed much, some thoughtful tweaks have been made, so I think it has the base to be fun and competitive on a game to game basis. Aggression has it's rewards and detriments and can be capitalized on if overdone.

    My main concerns are with longevity and modes, and its something I fear will constantly hang over these Mario spinoffs forever. I just don't know how it will sustain, or keep someone coming back often outside of a casual, local setting. I'm getting it, but I expect it to be a serious and valid issue in the coming discourse.

  • @miserableperson said in Mario Strikers: Battle League:

    My main concerns are with longevity and modes, and its something I fear will constantly hang over these Mario spinoffs forever.

    same really

  • next session starts in 2 minutes let's goooo!

  • Just played three more games, I'm 5-0 so far. Don't want to form too strong of an opinion yet, but its such a frantic pace that the 2v2 mode is really finicky. I've been pretty in sync with my partners so far, and it can be kinda fun to try and setup and protect each other during super strikes, but its still a weird feeling. Looking forward to solo matches when full release comes because it is enjoyable, and the connection issues haven't been too big a deal, though you can feel the stress on the game with all the action going on.

  • @miserableperson yeah i think it's really a game where it should be 4 on 4 players. and communicate with voice chat on discord or something

    i'm starting to get the hang of it though, swapping characters mid battle

  • Yea, there's a couple of ways they could handle 2v2 but this probably isn't the best option. 4v4 would I'm sure be fun if they could make it work connection wise - haven't looked but wouldn't shock me if thats at least a local option.

    Players just need to be confident on who they're in control of, and that would obviously lock you into a character. What works in FIFA Pro Clubs is you can all control a singular player, then you can have 1 player control the rest of the team if needed. The issue might be exacerbated by whether both players are using auto or manual switching, pretty sure everyone I've played with including myself chose manual.

    Referencing 2v2, we would play Pro Clubs all the time back in the day and 1 user would be locked to his 1 player while the other user would control Any, or the remaining 10 players on the pitch. Here you could do 3 & 1.

  • Hopefully this Mario Strikers instalment doesn't induce battle fatigue.