Lead & Gold deserves more love; developer giving away 165k Steam keys

  • http://100k.fatsharkgames.com/

    It's Spring 2010 and I have an intense hankering for some Red Dead Redemption. Unfortunately, I've only got a Wii and PC, no bueno. By some miracle, Fatshark comes to my rescue with this classy class-based shooter.

    Each of the 4 classes are well balanced. I consistently switched between 3 of them, only shying away from the sniper because I'm pretty bad at sniping. People love rolling around as the Blaster (shotgun + dynamite) or the Gunslinger (rapid fire revolver), but I personally preferred the Deputy (mark up to 2 targets for the entire team to see).

    Each class radiates a different synergy effect (boosted defense/aiming/crits/damage) so long as you are within a certain range of your teammates. There'd be points where I could aim my shotgun from the hip like a rifle looking down the sights because of how many aiming synergies I was within range of.

    Although it experienced a decent activity level upon release, it slowly dropped of. High pings caused issues, mostly due to the player base being split between the US and Russia. It was pretty easy to hop in to a game with a high ping and ruin the fun.

    Regardless, I put about 280 hours into it while in college. I think it's pretty awesome that Fatshark is using the popularity of Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide to promote one of their older games. I wish more developers were open to this idea, releasing older games for free for a limited time once purchasing interest has declined and the studio has moved on to bigger projects.

    Go out and enjoy this game!!