Xbox "Not E3" Showcase thread

  • so the Xbox showcase starts in just over 2 and a half hours. post predicitions hopes and reactions here.

    i'm just hoping those rumours about them doing a remake of Banjo Kazooie is true.

  • There was a rumor floating around earlier this morning about Persona 3-5 coming to Gamepass, (and other platforms)

  • The Snitch was right

  • If you thought you had a release date for Silksong you were Silkwrong.

  • Liking Starfield, though a bit heavy on the Fallout genes, and a bit desaturated.

  • @jdincinerator
    Face it, it's never coming out

  • Thought that was really good all around, especially with the focus being on the next 12 months. There's so many good games coming out and it put the focus on things that have been complained about the past few years - gameplay and in the near term timeframe. Not everything hit for me, like I don't care all that much about Kojima, or Hollow Knight, or Diablo but felt there was a ton of variety and some solid indies showcased as well. Due to the restraint I don't think it was all it could be, but it keeps the focus on the present and there is a ton there.

    Redfall, Plague Tale, Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels expansion, Lightyear Frontier, The Last Case of Benedict Fox, Pentiment, Cocoon, Starfield were some personal favorites.

    alt text

    That isn't everything, and includes stuff from other shows, but there's so much coming.

  • Really impressed by Redfall and Starfield.

    Bethesda proving again and again that they are best AAA company around.

  • Great show overall, lots of cool stuff coming to Game Pass in the next 12 months.

    Redfall surprised me tbh. I was very skeptical about it but the presentation gave me some hope. Still not sold on its world.

    Starfield is a guaranteed success for me. I love both ES and Fallout so I'm pretty sure I'll like it too.

    Diablo IV looks fantastic. I hope they don't find a way to ruin it. I'm not a big fan of Diablo but enjoyed the vibes on this one.

    Wo Long will probably be a masterpiece.

    Silksong is a sequel to one of my goats. Still no release date but the 12 month target makes me happy.

    Scorn might be a 6/10 game. But being a slow paced 1st person shooter, with a great art style and soundtrack by Lustmord makes it one of my most anticipated games.

    High on Life was a cool surprise, I'm all in.

    New Plague Tale, they don't even need to improve much on the original. Well, they shou improve it but even with its flaws I loved the original.

    Forza I need a new game in the series badly! It's my racing sim of choice, not because it's the best I just don't want to commit to more than one racing game. This looks really good and it looks like they'll address several issues.

    Persona I'll finally have and excuse to play 5. Probably will give up in it but I feel like I have to give this game a chance.

    Then there's stuff like Cocoon and Pentiment that look like are going to be "surprise" hits.

    Honestly, as a Game Pass subscriber the next months look awesome.

  • i think the Persona series coming to Xbox was my favourite part of the show tbh
    Youtube Video

  • I like that Persona 3 is going to finally be released on newer platforms but it's a bit weird that they are going for the PSP version.

    I feel like they should make a hybrid version of FES and Portable but maybe that's too much work.

  • Too many games, too little time...

    Starfield - It's your typical Bethesda E3 10 minute demo and I don't know if I'd have it any other way. Their games never look good to me on the big stage, but I usually enjoy them when they're in my hands. I was happy they went back to the Skyrim / FO3 / Outer Worlds style front-on dialogue. I still think that is most immersive in these types of games.

    Forza - It looks amazing but I'm a little worried that they didn't show much gameplay. Forza has always looked amazing but the physics are floaty and it just never feels like a solid online racing game. The little bit that we saw looked great visually but the chase cam showed some floaty physics again. I'll have to just play it to understand it.

    Silksong - Goes without saying, but I'm in. Hollow Knight is one of the best 2D side scrollers / action games that I've ever played. I have no reason to believe Silksong won't be improved upon (and hopefully no massive difficulty spikes).

    Minecraft Legends - This looks like a really great time. I thought Dungeons looked fun too but it wasn't very well received so I'll wait for reviews.

    Cocoon - This showing didn't really do much for me, but knowing it's from the lead designer of Inside has me committed to following progress on this game. I'll probably end up playing it based on that pedigree.

    Persona 3/4/5R - Ugh... I've wanted to play Persona 5 Royal for a while now but it's so hard to justify sinking another 110 hours into the same game as before. Then again, it's hard to argue with free. I've never played P3 and I'm intrigued, but I would have a hard time playing a Persona game feeling older than P4:G. It must be kinda dated by now, no?

  • @dipset
    Persona 3 Portable is sort of a odd game in the series as almost all of the overworld stuff has been turned from a 3D to more of a point and click thing, save for the Dungeon exploring. It also lacks "The Answer " Epilogue from the FES version of the game, but adds a slightly altered main campaign with the option to play as a Female Main Character. Also most of the animated cutscenes have been removed with some rather goofey looking in game versions. Combat has also been altered because now you can actually control the party members instead of the AI controlling them.

  • @neocweeny Because stuff leaked, I got my hopes up too much for a P3 Definitive version, since they didn't go into specifics for which P3. Don't get me wrong. I'm ecstatic for any version of P3 on modern hardware, but like DMCMaster just went into, there's loads of reasons the game could use a new version that includes the best of all the versions.

  • @mbun
    Agree on there needing to be some sort of Definitive edition of P3, hell they went thru all the trouble of making brand new character models and locations for a Dancing spin off so it really raises a question of "why the hell did you make the models for a single game? "

    That said I'm gonna laugh if Persona 3 Platinum or something gets announced at that Persona concert later this year

  • In that case, I think I'll hold off on P3 for another while. I feel like they still see value in that title and will update it eventually.


    SuperGT's insight on the Forza demo.
    Youtube Video

    I echo a lot of his insight. Forza sort of needs some of the improvements they were bragging about. For example, all motor racing games should have re-fuel and tire strategy by default.

    It would be a shame for them to spend all of this time polishing up the graphics, weather, and physics, just to ignore the core issue of no penalty system and shameful rammers punting you off in Turn 1. Tbh, I want to see them talk about known problems more than graphics right now.

  • At random I was watching the GT reactions to the 2015 Bethesda E3 Presentation today and think it's interesting to compare how Fallout 4 was presented and received to Starfield yesterday. Fallout was in a conference where it was able to take up 30 minutes to really soak at a time where BGS was on a run of hits, and there was a ton of energy and confidence in what was being shown. Starfield's equivalent yesterday was about half that time where instead BGS is a little under fire, and there is no energy in a digital presentation outside of a more subdued Todd Howard. They both hit a lot of the same notes, though Starfield was more focused due to the time window. GT at the time was loving Fallout 4, but yesterday during Starfield it felt like there was constant nitpicking and comparisons to other things from the Allies looking to detract.

    Its just interesting how time and other circumstances can impact showings when this is that same studio's first full game since Fallout 4, which while disappointing to some, was at least good. That isn't to say there aren't reasons, Todd was a public face of Fallout 76 despite not heading it he pumped it up which came back to bite him when it initially launched, Bethesda stumbled on a couple of other games as well, they sold to Microsoft which some didn't like, and showed off multiple new IP's that some may not have liked the direction of. And to be fair to the Allies, its partially a different crew than who was reacting to that and it was SEVEN years ago now, which is crazy in and of itself, things and people change so I wouldnt expect a 1:1 reaction. Its just interesting.

    I really hope this works out, I liked a lot of what I saw but it feels like everyone is just waiting for the dam to break which is a tough spot to be in.

  • @miserableperson Starfield also looked like the same kind of game we would've gotten 7 years ago. That's a big part of it.

  • @mbun I suppose, I guess most every game feels like that to me.