Xbox "Not E3" Showcase thread

  • @miserableperson

    Honestly, Starfield presentation felt like the exact same presentation Todd Howard has done multiple times now in the past 15 years. Sure, FO4 was a bit longer but they were all essentially the same presentation in my eyes.

    The template is:

    • Walk around a little
    • Show off some combat
    • Skip to another part of the game
    • Show a few fancy new menu's / UI
    • Zoom the map out
    • Over promise and under deliver

    In this case, I think Todd knows not to over hype Starfield and I really don't think he went too far this time. These demo's are always really boring, and barely show anything pertaining to the sense of adventure or the questing in the final game.

    Never in my life have I ever liked one Todd Howard E3 demo, yet, I almost always enjoy the game itself. In the case of FO74, it seems like BGS put their D-team on it then refused to play test the game. Meanwhile, Howard was on stage overhyping it, and it got put out unfinished.

    But anyone could've predicted an online Creation Engine game was going to be a broken buggy mess. I find that stage demo to be an outlier because despite how much people got sucked into the hype, it's their own fault for believing that game was going to function.