Post Summer Games Fest 2022 Bucket List

  • The bulk of the SGF showcases has come to pass. There might be a Nintendo Direct coming later this month if rumors are to be trusted, and there's also an Annapurna showcase next month, but they seem to be not deeply tied to SGF so I think it's safe to say that the main course is done.

    With the basically infinite amount of games being shown in the past few weeks, what are the new games that piqued your interest the most? Feel free to mention them here, maybe add why you're interested in them too. It's a personal list so don't be afraid to mention games that others have mentioned. Also, since there's also showcases that are not officially SGF within the last few weeks, to make it easy(?), I would also count them as SGF games since they are in the same period of festivities.

    Bonus question: Which show impressed you the most? Officially we have Sony's State of Play, the SGF itself, Day of the Devs, Devolver Digital, Netflix Geeked Week, EGS Summer Showcase, Tribeca Games, Xbox + Bethesda, and PC Gaming Show. Feel free to mention non-SGF showcases within the last few weeks too (the FFVII celebration counts IMO)

    I have a lot of stuff on my list so I'm gonna post my list later after I make sense of it all. Also, the best show for me is easily Sony's State of Play, followed by Day of the Devs and the FFVII celebration. I'm not really into Xbox's showcase this year which is a shame.

  • If we're talking about games that we were first made aware of for the first time, then there was only one that grabbed me, and it was in the Future Games Show of all places:

    The Entropy Centre

    To me, it looks like Portal, but instead of a portal gun, your weapon controls the flow of time.

    As far as showcases, well, I've been on here enough for most to not be surprised to see me say the FF VII Celebration (If Capcom would've just put all their stuff in State of Play or in Summer Games Fest proper instead of spreading it out, then that would've been a tougher call). However, State of Play was super strong, with my only knock against it being the only first party thing there was Spider-man finally getting ported to PC. If only the Last of Us Part I was there...

    However, I'll slightly cheat here by listing out ALL Games that impressed me OR were updates on games I was already interested in, and I'll do it in order of hype:

    Final Fantasy VII block: (Rebirth, Crisis Core: Reunion, Ever Crisis)
    Final Fantasy XVI
    A Plague Tale: Requiem
    The Entropy Centre
    Gotham Knights
    The Callisto Protocol
    (And it doesn't count but a 10 minute gameplay demo video came out today: Evil West)

  • @brannox don't worry, you're not cheating! I feel like devs/publishers announce their stuff way to early these days so it's not too feasible to only list completely new stuff. Also, good list!

  • So here's my top 12 from my bucket list, from least to most hyped:

    • Resident Evil 4. It looks good enough that I'm basically preparing my scaredy-cat ass self to have enough horror tolerance to try this out.
    • Plucky Squire. This looks too jolly.
    • Agent 64 Spies Never Die. I will gladly support devs making this kind of old school shooters.
    • TLOU Part I. Could be higher if they actually show the revamped gameplay.
    • Signalis. Same case as RE4, simply looks too cool to pass up.
    • Skate Story. This has been in my bucket list for a while, glad to see Devolver picking this up.
    • Street Fighter 6. Shenmue vibes with that World Tour mode.
    • Stray. Cats!
    • The Invincible. Easily the coolest space game shown this SGF.
    • Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Great subtitle, fantastic trailer.
    • Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. This is a purely nostalgia driven pick.
    • Final Fantasy XVI.

  • @bam541 Thanks and the same for you!

  • I don't really have a bucket list as I usually buy just about any game in spite of quality or length.

    Stray looks cool because we play as a cat, but I think I'll wait until there's some substance behind the gameplay before I purr along with it.

    The Last of Us Remake I really couldn't give two hoots about-I mean I love TLOU but a remake of a game that's come out twice in the past decade and costing $60-$70 is a pretty significant ask. Either Naughty Dog think we're stupid and we'll buy into it because it's TLOU or it truly is worthy of being remade. I want to think the latter, but I don't think the showing gave me any signs that I should care about its existence.

    Calisto Protocol looks really good, but I think its quality has more to do with Dead Space than anything particularly new. Part of me thinks that's our new high-bar for videogame quality, if it apes a great game from the past then it should be celebrated. No wonder why some gamers really enjoyed Sniper Elite 5 because they see it has elements of MGSV and Hitman, even if though SE5's execution is lace-thin in making those inspirations truly stand out.

    Resident Evil 4 remake might caress the shoulders of those who didn't like the irksome movement and aiming of the original experience. Personally, I think RE4 was great the way it was, and what it may provide now will only enrich it on a technical level, rather than changing what we had to begin with. I could be wrong and I want to be wrong but that's my initial take.

    There are others I'm interested in, but I don't know what's so amazing about much of what's to come. I don't know if I'm getting too old and demanding more than I should, but I just don't feel much excitement from the games that have been announced.

  • Streer Fighter 6
    Everything shown off so far has me sold, it doesn't hurt that there's this like confidence to the game, I can't quite put my finger on why that is though. Also the ResetEra thread complaining about Frame perfect moves gave me a good laugh. Especially since as far as anyone can tell a frame perfect move comes out faster and does like 5-10 points of more damage (not really game changing to casual players)

    Resident Evil 4
    I'm so mixed about this because I loved OG RE4, like I played RE4 so much that I can probably bear the game blindfolded, upside down and mirrored. That said if RE4Make can trim the fat just a little bit (The later half of the Island is when I typically get bored or annoyed)

    Calistio Protocol
    Loved Dead Space, and if not for the remake coming out next year I think I'd be more excited for this but I'm still looking forward to this.

    Final Fantasy 7:Rebirth, Crisis Core: Reunion, and Final Fantasy 16
    Throwing these all together, but I'm looking forward to all of them for one reason or another. Especially 16 as it looks DMC5-2.

    Dragon's Dogma 2
    It exists, it's happening. Nuff said.