Pokémon EZA Center (Battle & Trade Spot)

  • @parasitepaladin I believe I have an extra Mew... I can grab him too if you give me a second to boot up the bank.

  • @Billy Okay, cool! So two for two. Also I'm ready to trade whenever you are.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm getting ready to start battling competitively right now for the next season of competitions. Still in the planning phase. I never beat Moon (or Sun) because I wasn't super in to the story for some reason, but I very much like the battle systems in those games. I've taken like 3 years off of competitive battling so now feels like a good time to jump back in. I haven't done any in game training, right now I'm just building hypothetical teams and testing them. I'm not clear on what the rules are for mentioning emulators on these forums are (I'm not really sure that the system I'm using is an emulator) so I won't say where exactly I'm training and planning. But I think things are going well. As always I am continuing my quest to find a place for Castform in a team, I love it so much and so badly want for it to be a useful member of a team. If any one wants to talk team building I'd be happy to, and once I train up my team in game I'll share my friend code so that I can do some practice battles. Is anyone else preparing for the next competitive season?

  • @michemagius I'm faaaaaaar from being a competitive player, the most I'll do is optimize EVs, but I can't be bothered with IVs. Still, I like to tinker with teams and strategies, so if you need a sparring-partner punching bag when your teams are ready, I'll be happy to give it a shot!

  • @Axel Awesome! I definitely need someone to practice with. Playing online is kind of hit or miss because like 30% of the people are serious and the rest are just kind of screwing around. That's fine, it gives me more points when I beat them, but it's hard to learn from that. And I sent out a request to join the league in my town but from what I know, the majority of players in the league here are like 12 years old and primarily play the TCG. Besides that, I used the event locator and there aren't any tournaments going on in my State for the next 12 months, so I'll probably have to end up travelling to California or New Mexico to participate in a Regional Tournament. Since that would require me paying for a hotel room and a plane ticket/gas, I'll want to make sure my team is strong and I can be successful so that the trip will be worth it. I'm sure I'll have a good time hanging out with other Pokemon fans regardless of how I place, but I don't want to go all the way just to lose in the first round. When I was last playing competitively there was a City Championships for Phoenix, so that was pretty easy to attend. I wonder why they stopped having City Championships, or like, any tournaments in Arizona. We have a League for almost every major city, and from what I can tell they all play both the VG and TCG, so there's no reason why there shouldn't be any tournaments here.

  • @michemagius I'm not preparing for anything competitive anymore, probably until Pokemon Switch. I used to battle competitively with friends and online 3v3 up until last year. I'm basically on hiatus haha. But I wouldn't mind sparring with you. My comp teams are on ORAS unfortunately and I don't plan on migrating them until whenever I get Ultra Moon.

    By emulation I'm guessing Showdown? That's really the best place to make teams and test them out. Haven't been there in a long time. I'm definitely rusty now.

  • @michemagius Oh when you say "competitive" do you mean VGC standards? I only play competitive online 3v3 which i don't like and with friends where we do 6v6 classic. I don't have experience in Doubles or anything else.

  • @RayneSol Yeah I mean VGC standards as in doubles. I've played 3v3 before but I haven't really practiced any strategies for that format. And right now I'm mainly practicing in Showdown until I have a more concrete idea of what I want my team to be.

  • @michemagius Ahh :(
    If it were 6v6 that would be great but VGC Doubles I won't be any help to you in practice, sorry. Though I was thinking about getting serious with VGC. I just find it more fun personally to do 6v6 Singles with my friends. And classic 6v6 singles in general. I'd rather be of help to you than not. Maybe if i get into VGC later i'll post here.