Summer Game Fest Failures

  • I've had thoughts stewing in me about the Summer Game Fest since the initial presentation was unveiled. I'm not going to waste time when I say that The Summer Game Fest was awful overall. I don't know if I've been so deflated after a games conference as big as the Summer Game Fest is meant to be. I'll go on a rant here, but I do want your thoughts because they could bring some sanity back to my head.

    The supposed marquis game of the show was meant to be The Last of Us Remake, and really that should fill us with excitement and glee. However, what we got was devoid of gameplay and devoid of any good reason why this remake should exist. I love The Last of Us, I've played it and completed on PS3 and the remaster on PS4, but the absence of a proper showcase for the remake is unacceptable. It's even more damning that they want $60+ for a game that's releasing for the third time in under a decade.

    The only notable thing about Street Fighter VI was the return of Guile who looks to have snagged Brock Lesnar's dungarees and copied his stubble.

    Modern Warfare 2 looks like what everyone expects a Call of Duty game to look like in the present day. However, it at least looked like the business even if that business was business as usual. And no Call of Duty GM, Modern Warfare didn't change anything, Modern Warfare sucked.

    Now, onto what was easily the worst part of the show-The Rock's appearance. I love The Rock, but him showing up and showing off an energy drink and his new film was a waste of mine and gamers' time. Damn it though, The Rock has become infinitely more corporate since he's been smooching Hollywood like the rotund gal at a house party. Anyone want the best Rock go for his WWE heel run in 2003-nothing tops that.

    Next on the agenda is Calisto Protocol-or the not Dead Space but! Yes it looks great and I'm sure there's substance in there somewhere, but couldn't the devs give us a refreshing and new horror experience instead of this obvious reminder of it?

    Speaking of a horror shambles on a far larger scale, we got an Aliens game in Dark Descent, but it was shown entirely in cinematics yay.

    Then what on earth was Stargate? I don't know because I was asleep at the time.

    There's still something else to talk about and it's Resident Evil 4 Remake. I think RE4 was one of the best horror games around, so remaking it should improve those irksome movement controls and third-person over-the-shoulder shooting.

    So yes I thought the presentation was largely a pile of crap and I seriously don't want to say that. Yes there were a few indie games I liked the look of and I generally appreciate the effort and the work put into the show, but I can't hide my disappointment, I was expecting something bigger and better, but I guess it shows that The Summer Game Fest is not E3, even when E3 had its duds. Perhaps the next State of Play and Nintendo Direct can pick up the slack, but until then I'll have to lick this wound like a cat......oh yeah Stray looks pretty puuretty as well, but it does heavily encourage cat puns.

  • I'm gonna hold my final verdict till the end of the month to see if Nintendo has a direct on the 29th as rumored.

    But damn do I miss everything happening over a single week. Like a part of me is glad that everything has some breathing room but it still feels

    Also the FF7 and Dragon's Dogma streams happening at the same time on the same day was annoying. (Still hype for DD2)

  • I thought it was pretty obvious that Keighley was fundraising this year, while testing out running a conference on a much smaller scale with the thing insiders were invited to. I feel like he's building up to properly replace E3 in the coming years, probably first as solely a trade show, as it began long ago, then if that goes well working up to something like the last few years of E3, but hopefully done better like Gamescom or such.

    Also, I know people constantly beg for Nintendo Directs, but they have so much for the rest of the year already, that they really don't need to have one right now, besides maybe dedicated Directs (/Pokemon Presents) for Xenoblade 3, Splatoon 3, and Pokemon Scarlet / Violet when those get closer. They can seriously coast afew more months before announcing some early next year stuff and be fine though. They're also still holding onto Advance Wars to be released whenever it makes sense to. I know it sucks feeling like they're missing for E3-time, but it just means they're going to come back bigger when it makes sense for them to have another, especially if that whole new already done Fire Emblem thing pans out.

  • It's definitely not E3 but gaming news more spread throughout the year now and I don't think it's a bad thing.

  • @mbun said:

    besides maybe dedicated Directs (/Pokemon Presents) for Xenoblade 3

    Whoop, there it is.

  • I just have a hard time being disappointed anymore. I have too many distractions across various media and that is before work, friends, family, and summer fun-in-the-sun. If anything, I almost feel relieved by a muted E3/SGF season.

    It's not that I wouldn't be happy to enjoy more announcements and better showings, but I was pretty happy with everything I saw from Sony / Xbox. Their presentations were mostly short n sweet.

    The official Summer Game Fest presentation would've been a bit disappointing if I set aside time to watch it, but I thankfully took it all in while doing a monotonous task at work. So it was better than what I was already doing.

    I just think perspective shapes our expectations a lot. I'm at the point in my life where the summer is about having fun and not really ingesting a drip feed of video game news so I will happily take a humble summer of gaming.