Favourite Adam Sandler Films

  • Adam Sandler is quite a like him or leave him kind of actor. His goofy and sophomoric comedy has been quite drearily repetitive in many of his films, but occasionally his films hit the mark.

    Happy Gilmore is decent because Sandler plays a hockey player who transitions to the game of golf, and you witness the true attitudinal differences inherent between both sports. Gilmore's anger and aggression is part of what makes the film work well as a comedy.

    The Wedding Singer is another comedy that I think hits the mark. Seeing Robbie Hart's journey to find his true love and overcoming heartbreak doesn't sound like engrossing comedy material, but I find the way The Wedding Singer goes about expressing Robbie Hart's emotions, is really what makes the film a good watch-and the 80s soundtrack is neato.

    The Sandler film I enjoy the most is one you wouldn't think would be among his best. Reign Over Me is Sandler's dramatic magnum opus, both funny and incredibly moving, it's a real shame it didn't receive the attention it very much deserved.

    What Adam Sandler films do you like and if you hate his guts why?

  • In terms of Adam Sandler's "Happy Maddison Productions" flicks, I have to give it to Happy Gilmore. As a Canadian, so many of us grew up watching the Hockey Goon turned golfer story over and over and over. We would recite this movie on the playground ("You're in my world now grandma") or make jokes about stabbing the ref with our hockey skate in the locker room.

    One of the most rewatchable movies of my lifetime. It's full of iconic characters from Happy, to Carl Weathers playing the extremely coolheaded "Chubs" to Christopher McDonald stealing the show as the completely bonkers "Shooter" McGavin. Despite being a parody of the glitz and glam of a PGA Tour Open, there is just such a love and appreciation for the spectacle of pro golf. It's not just a great PG-13 comedy, but it's an all time sports movie too.

    I implore people to check out the episode of Bill Simmon's "The Rewatchables" podcast about Happy Gilmore featuring the Safdie Brothers who directed Sandler in Uncut Gems.



    Speaking of Uncut Gems, I think this one is easily my favourite non-Happy Maddison Productions Sandler flick. Honestly, it's one of my favourite movies of all time. The Safdie's just tap into a certain type of film style and pacing that few directors really go for anymore. It's unhappy, it's unhinged, it appeals to the darker degenerate sides of our personalities and leans into the idea of just letting go of everything in life.

    The closest thing to Uncut Gems I can think of would be Herzog's Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call and both Herzog, Safdie's, Cage, and Sandler all have some sort of shared energy that results in these types of films being frenetic masterpieces in my eyes.

    Also worth noting, that the connecting tissue with these movies are the sports plots or sub-plots. Sandler's appreciation for sports is genuine and it adds a certain degree of earnestness to some of these roles like in Happy Gilmore, Waterboy, or Uncut Gems. Hell, I absolutely hate Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 (I had a little brother who loved those movies), but it was interesting to see Sandler shovel in a basketball scene in there. The man loves sports and it shines through in the movies.

  • @dipset I agree with what you say about Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2. But after Grown Ups 2 I can appreciate the first one a little bit because the second films is detestable beyond measure.

    I have watched and enjoyed many Sandler films over the years. I used to like Mr Deeds and Little Nicky has a few good moments, though in recent times I've found it to be quite terrible. Click was ok but I don't get much from it besides its intriguing premise. Waterboy much like Little Nicky is quite quotable, but I do prefer Waterboy overall because it's more relatable and lovable. The Longest Yard was ok, but honestly after the first 10-15 minutes it kinda became stale for me.

    I was thinking of putting Uncut Gems in my favourites but I had only seen it once. Punch Drunk Love is similar, I know it's good but I can't remember much from it.

  • @jdincinerator

    Yeah like, being the big brother, I was used to watching bad movies over and over and over again, but as I started to get older, I needed to draw a line in the sand. Grown Ups 2 in the theatre was gratuitous. At least Grown Ups 1 and Paul Blart Mall Cop and other PG "family" comedies had some semblance of heart and soul—themes about family, acceptance, etc. Grown Ups 2 was unspeakably bad.

    Per Punch Drunk Love, I rewatched it a few months ago. I remember being pretty fond of it, but I have a hard time connecting with it now. Sandler's character goes through an interesting rigmarole to confront embarrassment and take control of his life, but the editing and pacing is all over the place. It's just hard to believe and I think a lot of it is stitched together in editing.