A few suggestions

  • PMs (Private Messages) would be nice, especially if you want to continue a conversation that may deal with spoilers for XYZ and don't want to ruin it for other people. I know there are chats, I dunno if they work the same way as PMs though.

    Possibly better spoiler tags/tabs that you can open and close, just moving the cursor over the spoiler tag accidentally is too easy.

  • @kniteowl Chats work pretty much like PMs in most systems (including groups). They are even better than PMs in older forum systems because they are essentially like like most of the forum.

  • @anatoly I can see where you're coming from and some more colour wouldn't hurt. Always been a fan of overly simplified UI with lots of white myself, so I'm fine hunting for some UI elements.

  • @Dirokia That's not on the forum dude, don't be rood.

  • @Hoken No rudeness intended. I took it to mean he was talking about the website since the forums don't have links to anything else at the top of their pages.

  • @UltimateBrent I agree. I feel that the website and forums designs just need tweaks here and there and is much better than GT forums personally. At least I know where everything is and is quick and easy to navigate. I am not surprised by the response by the allies in this thread.

    There is actually one thing I would love to be included in the forums which is a trophy system :trophy:

  • @Knwtmsyn Because this is the forum. Head to the main page which can be done at the top of every page with the Home button. Then you can get your link to Twitch.