Overwatch (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • This is a thread to talk about Overwatch! Talk about your favorite heroes, post your fanart, discuss Sombra theories, look for people to play with, complain about 20 tickrate, whatever floats your boat.

    To start some discussion, who is your favorite hero and why? Mine is Zarya. I've found that in multiplayer games I tend to gravitate towards tank characters, from WoW to TF2 to HOTS, so it's no surprise that 3 of my 4 most played heroes are Zarya, Reinhardt, and Roadhog. The reason I like Zarya the best, though, is her shield abilities are so interesting. Having to actively monitor my teammates for danger and saving them with a clutch shield is so satisfying, plus there's nothing like running out into a chokepoint, popping my shield, and screaming "THE PAIN ONLY MAKES ME STRONGER" (my neighbors have asked me to stop yelling, so I only do it in my head now). Also, she's a cool woman in general, powerful and confident as hell without needing that "sexy sexy" broken spine that some of the other girls rock.

    My second favorite character is Mercy, mainly because of her sexy broken spine.

    P.S. I play on PC, battle.net is OddMan11#1958. Hit me up if you ever want to play.

  • Picked this up a month after launch in a whim after all the buzz but wasn't sure if even like it. Easily one of my favorite games of the year and possibly ever.

    Favorite characters are DVA, Mei and Tracer. Also play as Lucio, Winston, Roadhog and Reinhardt.

    (I play on PS4)

  • I've pretty much become a Reinhardt main now due to my ping when I play with a few friends all over the world but I have a tonne of fun with all the characters.

    That said my aim has gotten progressively worse the more I play Rein so I'm best with himself and Winston in particular then it's probably support characters like Symmetra and Lucio that I'd be most comfortable with after.

    I'm kind of hopeful we'll get at least a new map at Blizzcon.

    My main negative, as it was brought up in Frame Trap too, I really hate the whole duplicates in lootboxes and how it works generally. Really comes off as Blizzard being really greedy and doing their best to entice you to pay for lootboxes.

  • @tokeeffe9 I hate it when people defend loot boxes. Yes, I get why they're doing it, but it's still scummy. Loot boxes, and crates before them, prey on the slot machine response to get people to dump tons and tons of money into them. I also hate when people say "oh but the characters and maps will be free!". To me, this is like when casinos will offer free rooms to their high rollers to entice them to come (and spend more money gambling). I would rather the microtransactions be a store (buy the characters and cosmetics you want, earn stuff in game) than the slot machine we have now.

  • I agree 100%, I despise this whole setup. Honestly, I was actually totally fine with it when it was just items you could buy with the in-game currency though. It was annoying to have to hope for lucky drops, and even then I thought the idea of dupes were stupid, but I could go with it since it wasn't that big of a deal. But the Summer Olympics thing has soured me on it entirely due to the whole "oh THESE you can't buy" setup. Just pure BS. The fact that you can still get dupes (I got the same tracer runner legendary skin twice in a row the other day) makes it infinitely worse though. Every time I get a dupe summer item or worse a summer games avatar I just get so frustrated and upset.

    Game itself is still great, mind you, but this skinner box garbage has got to stop.

  • Definitely in my top two this year up against Dark Souls 3. A game that looks as simple as it does, it's amazing how complex it truly does play. Depending on who you play with, it can really feel like a game of chess. (Speaking of that, i'm looking for people to play with on PS4 :100: ). Been hard to find a team since none of my friends play.) PSN: Aqua2214 {Add me if you need/want someone to play with :))
    I usually main with Diva, but I also use Mercy, Soldier76, Pharah, and Tracer. (Mei or junkrat occasionally)

  • My favorite hero is probably DiVa. But i also like: Reaper,Pharah,Soldier,Roadhog,Zenyatta,Torb,Mercy and Symmetra.

    I think i'm pretty good with all of those,i used to be terrible with Roadhog (my k/d was under 1) but i suddenly "got it" and upped my k/d to over 2. I'm terrible with Genji,Reinhardt,Mei,Mccree and the snipers.

  • Zenyatta is love, Zenyatta is life, especially after they sped up his ultimate, gave him more health, and sped up his orbs. Throw in a teammate that's a Lucio and it's instant wins... almost.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in The Overwatch Thread:

    Zenyatta is love, Zenyatta is life, especially after they sped up his ultimate, gave him more health, and sped up his orbs. Throw in a teammate that's a Lucio and it's instant wins... almost.

    Glorious Zenyagod master race. He is the meat grinder and the opposing team tanks are your meat.

  • I'd be shocked if Zen isn't nerfed a tiny bit in the next patch.

  • @tokeeffe9 I'm pretty sure you're right. He went from being the only hero not picked in tournaments to picked the 2nd most (behind only McCree). I was a Zen player before any of his buffs so now I just feel like an absolute force of destruction. I'm soaking up how powerful he is while it lasts.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Haha, enjoy it!

    I imagine either his health will be reduced slightly or the buff to the damage orbs he uses will be reduced slightly.

    I hope it is only slightly. From the patches nerfs/buffs blizzard have done so far, they always seem to go too far.

  • Ana has to be nerfed. Her fire rate and the rate she get's her ult is absolutely insane.

  • I've been really annoyed at DVA's new shield, it feels like she never runs out of it.

    It probably doesn't help that my two main characters are Junkrat and Pharah...

  • So they're looking into nerfing Zenyatta (no surprise) and buffing Mei and Mercy. Mei's ultimate is being looked at since it's effectively useless against most teams and Mercy might gain an AOE heal. I'm curious if that will switch Lucio out from being nearly essential on every team, as I hardly see Mercy at all anymore. Oh, and PC should be getting high-bandwith servers, as I sit here and curse the fact I have a PC that can't run Overwatch.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh wow. I'm kinda happy I'm taking a break then.

    I know balance is a bit different between console and PCs.

  • Banned

    Getting the game on PS4 this week. Thinking of maining Mercy or Lucio since I like playing Medic/Support in games, and also Lucio's movement mechanics seem like my bag, baby.

  • On console right now I still see a fair amount of mercy. Roadhog and Dva seem to be most played now.

  • Youtube Video

    New map hype!

  • @SabotageTheTruth This looks awesome. I really dig the "aftermath" vibe of the map. I hope more future maps feature this. I wonder if Blizz will add new modes as well (Lucio Ball looked neat)