Overwatch (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • That Zarya Skin is basically on the level of a non-holiday epic. Which is disappointing. I also think that the Mei skin, while awesome changes too little (I know it changes the ice-block) to be considered a legendary. Or maybe that is me just complaining that I am going to have to spend 3000 coins to get it.

  • @Brandon_Reister there are apparently a lot of little touches with the mei skin that aren't immediately apparent. But I wouldn't know. I don't play mei. Hopefully I get it from a box so I don't have to buy it. I have almost enough to buy two legendary skins and one of them will defentely be my boy Zen. But of course I'm only buying on the last day or two so I can at least try to get them all

  • Blizzard cannot make a great Zarya skin to save their life (thankfully i got her white olympic one which is her best). She's like the anti Reinhardt.

  • I fell off overwatch after a few weeks because everyone was getting much better and I was still a noob getting killed left right and center xD I guess pvp fps isn't my strong suit. The halloween event was really fun though.

  • @Sora I fell off Overwatch like a month after launch because all of my friends stopped playing and I can't play multiplayer games by myself. Plus there are so many other games I want to play and catch up on that I almost don't have a desire to go back. I do love the game and lore, and respect the game.

  • @Tragosaurus Aye I love the world they've created and characters, Blizz really knocked it out the park for a new IP.

  • @Stephleref Zarya is one of my faves, and I continue to hope one day to get a good skin for her. Her legendary cybergoth skins are some of the worst in the game.

  • @TheOhrenberger I love to 'reload' you have to make another snowball!

  • One of my favorite games of the year, these seasonal events will always bring me back!

  • I've gotten two epics since the winter event started, neither was a winter skin..

  • @Fridge-man Ouch, that hurts. I've only gotten Reaper's so far. I really want Zen's and Pharah's though.

  • Only got Torbjorn so far.
    Really need those Winston and Zenyatta skins though!

  • I got the Winston skin in my 3rd Winter Loot Box!

  • potato

    Away from my gaming PC while I'm back home for Christmas break. Tried playing Overwatch on my laptop... not the best.

  • Hmm. So I mainly play Overwatch with one friend of mine, meaning we've played the exact number of games this holiday season and had the same number of wins. He's gotten a total of 4 holiday skins, I've gotten 1. Overwatch, why do you hate me so?

  • In a not-so jolly update, my friend is currently at a count of 5 holiday skins, I'm still just at one.

    But to counter the thought that Overwatch hates me, they're giving away 5 free loot boxes for everyone that logs in. So nab those holiday goodies!

  • my first 3 of the 5 free boxes had legendary drops. One was a duplicate and the other was coins, but cool none the less. Thanks Blizzard!

  • All I want for Christmas is the Yeti skin

  • PS4 player here. Favs for me are Lucio and Bastion, their designs are so good! I love playing Zenyatta too since his orbs are easy enough to use and he can deal decent dmg.

  • I managed to get all the skins I wanted! It was a Christmas miracle. Only thing I haven't managed to get, that I kinda want are a couple of the emotes. Namely Mei and Zarya.

    I actually ended up buying the boyfriend some loot boxes for Christmas because he hadn't gotten one single holiday skin, and I felt bad that the Overwatch gods seemed to like me better. Luckily he got the Torbjorn, Mcree, Lucio and Sombre skins.