Overwatch (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • New competitive season is out! Personal goal is finally hitting Diamond, which I'm pretty confident in reaching this time around.

    New buffs/nerfs hit and most of it is minimal besides... the Bastion buff. Woof, I'm sure they're going to tweak this more but they made his survivability go through the roof. He can heal through mostly anything now - including a few ultimates. I played 4 rounds before work and no matter the objective, each side had a Bastion at all times.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I have always loved Bastion, but never played him much since he's super situational and easy to take out.

    Now he's pretty AMAZING. I actually won a game playing him on attack. Being able to heal while moving is great.

    I do kinda miss the brawl playlist though. I always had fun just getting a surprise game.

    And it looks like the new hero will be a quadruped robot tank. Soooo that should be really interesting.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    Same with me. I bought the game in December 2016 so I came in season 3. Since then I have considerable amount of time with the game and have selected heroes which I feel comfortable going into competitive with. I guess bastion is buffed that's good to see. I gotta unlock those weekly lootboxes too.

  • I completely stink at Overwatch. Playing PS4 but stinking isn't going to stop my enjoyment of the game.

    I have had it since launch and play it in between releases i'm interested in.

  • @Inustar I like that he's not as situational, they just should probably dial him back a little bit though, which I'm sure they will. I remember when Zen got his really big buff and all of a sudden, everyone chose him so this is probably the same. I'm guessing they'll probably lower his healing per second so he can't survive certain ultimates at least. I believe the brawl playlist is coming back, they had some issues with yesterday's patch and disabled a lot of arcade features.

    @MSBi, my main recommendation for competitive (or at least what worked best for me last season) is one or two games max a day. Maybe it's just a personal thing, but if I sit there for hours on end trying to do my best, I end up getting burnt out and not playing to my full potential. Just having those short bursts last season, I went on about a 10 game win streak, so that felt good. The only time I really broke my own rule is if I queued up for a team that just didn't work together at all and lost quickly, or if someone from either side dropped out and caused the game to be unbalanced.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    Its more the placement matches that piss me off. I almost got to platinum last season solo.

  • @MSBi Yeah, placement is awful. I get them out of the way as quickly as possible.

  • New hero - Orisa

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    She's on the PTR now too.

  • I don't know how to feel about Orisa. I gotta try it out to know. She a tank right?

    Right now I feel like i'm overpowered with hanzo. he's just destroying the competition lol.

  • @MSBi Yep, a tank. I'm most interested in that magnet pull of hers, that also has a slowing effect. Being able to pull people out from around corners (or Bastion out of sentry mode) is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

    Already near the 2700 mark for competitive and I've only played one game aside from the placements. Here I come, Diamond!

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    I wish I were you man. The people on my team either leave or a too proud to play together as a team.

  • @MSBi That's because they haven't bathed in Zen's transcendence. That light will show the team the path to victory.

    Feel free to send me an invite if you ever get down on competitive, I'd like to think I'm a fairly competent healer.

  • Youtube Video

    The Bastion apocalypse is finally coming to an end.

  • I only got a few rounds in but that was enough to know Bastion was way too strong so good to see some nerf is coming in but I think he'll need another one too.

  • So.. the Enter the Nexus event is back for Heroes of the Storm.


    What that means? If you play 5 games with a friend this week, you get the previously offered Oni skin for Genji. Play 5 games with a friend next week, and you unlock a police officer skin for D.va. HOTS isn't amazing but eh.. It'll be fun being one of the few console players rocking these skins.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I super hate this.
    Just not a fan of forcing people to play a different game to get skins. That oni skin is great, I love it, but I do not want to play HotS at all.
    It makes sense for Blizzard, cause yeah this gets people to play your game who might not initially want to, but it just... feels scummy to me.

  • I'll probably reinstall HotS for that Dva skin.

  • @Inustar Oh don't get me wrong, it's not an ideal situation but... I was able to knock out 5 matches with a roomie in under an hour, we had fun, and the game is currently giving away 20 free heroes. It ain't all bad.

  • As someone who played HotS a lot this whole 2.0 event and the skins were a great reason to get back in. I'm not exactly sure how to get the skins unlocked to my console Overwatch version though. Is there a login to Blizzard somewhere in Overwatch? Or do you have to link the account on the computer somewhere?

  • @Tragosaurus My memory is faint since I set it up the moment I bought Overwatch, but in the game itself there should be an option to link the account to your Battlenet.