Overwatch (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • I only got a few rounds in but that was enough to know Bastion was way too strong so good to see some nerf is coming in but I think he'll need another one too.

  • So.. the Enter the Nexus event is back for Heroes of the Storm.


    What that means? If you play 5 games with a friend this week, you get the previously offered Oni skin for Genji. Play 5 games with a friend next week, and you unlock a police officer skin for D.va. HOTS isn't amazing but eh.. It'll be fun being one of the few console players rocking these skins.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I super hate this.
    Just not a fan of forcing people to play a different game to get skins. That oni skin is great, I love it, but I do not want to play HotS at all.
    It makes sense for Blizzard, cause yeah this gets people to play your game who might not initially want to, but it just... feels scummy to me.

  • I'll probably reinstall HotS for that Dva skin.

  • @Inustar Oh don't get me wrong, it's not an ideal situation but... I was able to knock out 5 matches with a roomie in under an hour, we had fun, and the game is currently giving away 20 free heroes. It ain't all bad.

  • As someone who played HotS a lot this whole 2.0 event and the skins were a great reason to get back in. I'm not exactly sure how to get the skins unlocked to my console Overwatch version though. Is there a login to Blizzard somewhere in Overwatch? Or do you have to link the account on the computer somewhere?

  • @Tragosaurus My memory is faint since I set it up the moment I bought Overwatch, but in the game itself there should be an option to link the account to your Battlenet.

  • Been reading that there's been some outrage over DVa's officer skin.

    That alone really makes me want it. :3

  • @ChaosBahamut Yeah, what I've been reading is pretty silly, comparing it to social issues when it's just a game that has no desire to dive into such topics.

    Needless to say, I'm excited to get it as well!

  • @Tragosaurus You have to play Hero's of the Storm on PC with a friend for 5 matches or so I believe in order to unlock the skin. But they will release the skin in the normal lootboxes in time if you don't have a PC to play it on or if you have no desire to play it on PC. Anyroad, you will eventually be able to get it. They are just making it an exclusive temporarly in order to promote Hero's of the Storm.

  • @th0r44 Where did you hear it would be entering normal lootboxes? I can't find any info supporting that, nor have they ever added seasonal items to normal boxes.

    Edit: It looks like Kaplan did say they will "one day" be added to lootboxes, relevant article here. Who knows how long that will take though, so I don't mind the one hour of HOTS each week.

  • Youtube Video

    Doomfist is coming finally! Not voiced by Terry Crews but that's okay, he still looks rad. Shotgun gauntlet!

  • Sounds like an interesting character. Definitely a nice change from the rest of the offence heroes.

    Also I'm just happy we've another villain.

    He's up on PTR now. I'll wait for him to go live but it'd be interesting to hear any takes on him.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'm kinda happy he's not voiced by Terry Crews. While I love him, I prefer a more authentic voice for the character.
    Also super surprised by how brutal Doomfist was in that video. First villain I was worried would kill a hero.
    Overall I'm liking what I've seem, though since I play on PS4 it'll be awhile before I can try him out.

  • @Inustar The development team said Crews would make a good fit, so hopefully he pops in for a character that is a little less serious. What I've seen of his play style so far seems like a lot of fun, super mobile. Slamming someone against a wall looks even more satisfying than pinning someone with Rein.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh yeah, I'd love Crews to be in the game, but not as this character.
    But he does look fun. I'm excited to try out that rocket punch.

  • no terry :(

  • The Overwatch world cup is being streamed over the weekend for anyone interested.


    Also, the latest batch of changes that went into PTR all seem pretty good for once. I assume hope) they all make it into live.

    Overwatch forum

    alt text

  • Youtube Video

    Only had a small look at Doomfist but I'm really excited to try him out once he's live on the 27th.

  • So the big patch went live yesterday. Doomfist, Lootbox overhaul, highlights system and other hero changes.

    I played a few rounds of just 6v6 elimination, all Doomfist and then mystery heroes so I could check him out and see how lootboxes were.

    Firstly, Doomfist seems like a lot of fun. Playing in that mode is just pure mayhem so I can't take much out of it in terms of where he'd fit in a proper team but I'll check that out in QP someday. Definitely a fun character to add to the roster.

    And I picked up 4 lootboxes from my time playing arcade and leveling up and there is a noticeable difference. I didn't get any duplicates (forget if they've just been outright removed for currency), got 1 currency and everything else was new. So that genuinely feels quite nice right now. We'll see after 20, 40 etc but right now it's a nice improvement.

    Didn't really mess around with the highlights but it does seem easier to capture things.