Overwatch (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • As someone who's pretty burned out on Overwatch, I'm very much looking forward to just booting up deathmatch every once in a while and going for frags. Good time to introduce the game mode I feel.

  • @OddMan11 With arcade I think it's always a good idea to be adding things. Doesn't really hurt the core of the game, but it helps with the burnout.

  • A new short and a new escort map coming soon! :D

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Some really big changes in the works for D. va as well!

    Youtube Video

    Considering I usually play her as a harasser, this is some great news. Being able to fire while flying is something I've wanted for awhile, plus add in some burst damage? My favorite tank is somehow becoming more of my favorite.

  • @SabotageTheTruth These changes sound great. I think a lot of people were sick of the shield and making D.va more aggressive sounds great.

    Hopefully it should help with countering Pharah a bit more too.

    I wonder if the changes for Junkrat, Orisa, Roadhog and Widow will come today.

  • New Short :D

    Youtube Video

  • I just want to point out that one of Mei's coworkers was named Macready.

    I love these shorts.

  • @Inustar I love the shorts too. That was a really cool one. I did feel like there was a bit too much exposition early on but still, good stuff.

    Just to continue the stream of OW news recently (feels like everyday now), sounds like we're going to see some significant changes to Mercy very soon too. More in the article (PCgamesN ) but basically the principle designer said there are "interesting and sweet changes" coming soon for Mercy.

  • The Mercy changes I spoke of are huge!

    Youtube Video

  • @tokeeffe9 Love this change. As he mentioned, there is nothing more disheartening than coordinating taking a point/killing most of the enemy team, and Mercy swooping in and resurrecting everyone just because she was hiding. The most annoying ultimate in the game is now gone, yay! Valkyrie sounds fun (probably not fun enough to make me play Mercy) but I'm wondering just how long the up-time is on it.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    PTR patch notes

    The Ult lasts 20 seconds which is a fair bit of time. I really like the change too. It should lead to a lot more skill based play now that a lot of Mercy's won't look for that huge rez and they can consistently be reviving people.

    The D va changes are in there too if you're looking for specifics and there is one really nice change for Reinhardt, when you hold down the primary fire button while holding the shield, you can control the camera and look around you. That extra awareness is a nice little buff for Rein.

    Blizzard have been on a roll with OW recently. Still not a fan of the Roadhog change but I like everything else.

  • Yup. I really agree @SabotageTheTruth

    Mercy's ult is one of the most unenjoyable things in a multiplayer game.

  • I don't play Mercy much cause I suck as her, and one of the things I am terrible with is knowing when to use that ultimate. I always end up holding on to it because I think there will be a miracle rez situation.
    So this change is, imo, great. I might play her more often 😊
    I also look forward to D.Va changes, though I love playing her now. Only tank I play more is Zarya.

    Winston remains my least played tank, just can't figure him out. He seems to die easily for me.

  • @Inustar Winston is all about being unpredictable and timing when to jump the hell out of there and when to use his shield. I'd say Zarya and Winston are the most difficult to use, but I'm a bit better with Winston. Those leaps!

  • I tend to play a lot of Winston and I think you just really have to be focused on your cooldowns, who to target and when to get out.

    If you can get close to the enemy without wasting your jump or with it coming back pretty soon, that's a good start. You could be pounced on really quickly with no support, so it's essential to be able to get out if you need to.

    Drop your shield bubble quickly. Now that the cooldown replenishes from when it's dropped as opposed to when it breaks, it makes using it early pretty usedul. With that change, it's good to quickly get into the position you want and drop it so that you get that next one a bit quicker, before the enemy have damaged your current one.

    I mentioned you have to be focused, always remember who you need to attack. The supports and snipers in particular. You don't want to jump in and start attacking a Reaper, Bastion, Roadhog etc. You're just wasting time and feeding their ults. I think this is where most people hate Winston. They think he's too weak and gets taken down to easily. You need to pick your early fights correctly. Hopefully then, the rest of the team will be able to support you in heals and dps.

    One thing I do still screw up with is his ult. You should try and do as much damage as you can and then when your health is pretty low, use your ult. Sometimes I still leave that a little bit too late. Definitely something I must improve on.

    Hopefully some of those tips might help.Like if there is a match with a Widow, Hanzo, Symmetra, genji etc (which happens), you can have an absolute field day with Winston.

  • @tokeeffe9 Good tips, I shall keep all that in mind if I play him. I don't know if I'll choose him in regular play but I love playing mystery heroes so when I get him in that maybe I won't feel so lost now.
    I can safely say though that I will NEVER learn to play Widowmaker. I just don't have the eye for headshots.

  • I'm really looking forward to the DVA and mercy changes.

    Mercy's ultimate is one of the most unenjoyable parts of the game, and DVA's right click lasts far too long. Combined with how popular Zarya is, any hero with projectiles is frustrating to play.

  • Welp, played my first round of free for all death match and... I won. It's decent fun but it has the problem I figured it would have - some heroes just aren't viable/used at all. Lots of Soldiers, Reapers, and Tracers.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I am having a lot of fun with death match, surprising really since I thought I would prefer team DM. But you are right, the DPS characters (and roadhog) are pretty prevalent, with only the occasional surprise pick. I've had a lot of Battle Mercys actually, they never seem to do well.

  • I only played a few rounds the first day and I noticed a lot of Junkrats.

    Anyway seemed fun but I still just got by rewards and got out of there. I think I will go back though as it could be a good place to practice dps for me.

    Far more disappointing for me is that with the last week or so, my wifi adapter seems to be very glitchy. I'm using bootcamp so I've just rolled back the windows driver on it and repaired OW in case that was the issue but no luck. I've no idea if you can rollback bootcamp updates as that does have wifi updates too.

    Basically the issue is that I get massive lag now every so often. Players will stop moving on screen for 2-3 seconds. I look at my fps and ping and they are both fine, no weird spikes show up there but there is clearly an issue. The sound will cut off and get static too just as it's about to happen. I'll have another look tonight to see if I can fix it.