Overwatch (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • @SabotageTheTruth I am having a lot of fun with death match, surprising really since I thought I would prefer team DM. But you are right, the DPS characters (and roadhog) are pretty prevalent, with only the occasional surprise pick. I've had a lot of Battle Mercys actually, they never seem to do well.

  • I only played a few rounds the first day and I noticed a lot of Junkrats.

    Anyway seemed fun but I still just got by rewards and got out of there. I think I will go back though as it could be a good place to practice dps for me.

    Far more disappointing for me is that with the last week or so, my wifi adapter seems to be very glitchy. I'm using bootcamp so I've just rolled back the windows driver on it and repaired OW in case that was the issue but no luck. I've no idea if you can rollback bootcamp updates as that does have wifi updates too.

    Basically the issue is that I get massive lag now every so often. Players will stop moving on screen for 2-3 seconds. I look at my fps and ping and they are both fine, no weird spikes show up there but there is clearly an issue. The sound will cut off and get static too just as it's about to happen. I'll have another look tonight to see if I can fix it.

  • So apparently the changes to D .va aren't being met with too much love on the PTR right now. Since she can only have Defense Matrix up for a total of 2 seconds at full charge (and it takes 10 seconds to fully charge back up) and she has one of the largest head hit boxes on her mech, she's being absolutely shredded. Hopefully Blizz strikes some sort of balance because the current state of it definitely feels like it's too powerful, yet if she's only in her mech for a second or two, she's not really tanking either. One suggestion I read that I loved is to keep the uptime at 4 seconds, but have it scale depending on how much damage she's absorbing. I dunno, I'm just a little worried now, since she's my go-to tank.

    Sounds like you all saw some more varied characters in DM than I did. The only non-offensive hero I saw was a Mei and it felt like the person playing her just wanted to troll.

  • I don't know of there is anything quite so frustrating as ending a Deathmatch with 8 kills and like 24 assists. Everyone kept sneaking in and taking my kills. In a couple matches it was a particularly sneaky (and admittedly talented) Lucio. Not entirely sure why they even keep track of assists since they don't factor into anything, even ties for kills.

  • @Inustar Ya. Honestly I think that just shows how poor my aim is. I haven't seen a match where I haven't had the most assists also.

    But I'm okay with it as I'm trying to use deathmatch as a training ground to improve my dps play.

    That said, my internet issues aren't helping me too much. I don't think I'll get to season 6 competitive play until I get some update.

  • @tokeeffe9 One bonus I have had so far is that I've really improved my Reaper play. So that's good.

  • I have to say that I'm absolutely loving deathmatch. It has completely changed what I used to do when playing solo. Before I'd hop on mystery heroes in arcade to grab the lootboxes and then go onto quick play but now I'm pretty much constantly on deathmatch.

    I just find it's a lot of fun, it's pretty quick and I get to mess around with characters and not have to worry about what my team thinks.

    It's cool that they've added more maps to the roster but some of them feel a bit too big. At times I feel like I'm spawned across the other side of the map.

    Anyway, easily my favourite mode that they've added to the game. I'm still all about the team element of OW but this is a great distraction.

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    Overwatch Patch notes

    Some really good skins in the Halloween event. Just had a few arcade games last night to get some lootboxes. Honestly, a little disappointed that the PvE is in the same area. Was hoping it'd at least be a nice progression from last year.

    On the patch notes, they've changed up how ults work and I'm not entirely sure if they've majorly buffed Genji. Says he can no longer be stunned or hacked while while in ult and I'm not sure if that just means the very beginning or the whole thing.

  • Playing Symmetra in death match is my new addiction <3 I main Symmetra usually (feels like she's about 80% of my playtime), but avoided her in solo due to her not seeming like a good fit. I pretty much only play as her and Tobjorn now, even if the wins are rare, you can usually get a solid Top 3 finish.

    All I want now is that Zarya 80s skin

  • @Tregard Same, I really like the Zarya skin. Haven't played as much deathmatch lately but I still think it's a great addition to Overwatch.

    I recently made the move to Canada and used to play OW on the NA servers. So now that I've much better internet, I'm going to try and mess around with offence characters a lot more.