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    @Mechanoid It does look like a great map. I think they're possibly mixing it up where you escort the payload first and then assault the second point, so that should be a nice change of pace. Really, the most fun I ever had playing Lucioball was when someone glitched in as Bastion and kept murdering us all.

    lol, never got around to playing it but then I stopped with Overwatch once competitive came out (for various reasons). Still trying to keep up with it, but I'm starting to like all the crazy fan creations more than the game itself :sweat_smile: . Here's to Gremlin D va and Samus Pharah :thumbsup:

  • @OddMan11 Hey there! My favorite is probably Junkrat. I love his wacky style and damage. He can work well with a lot of other champions and I just love his attitude. Plus, teaming up with Roadhog seems perfect from a co-op perspective as the two work pretty well together. I also really love Mei because she is so survivable and a pain to enemies. I've done two guides (Mei and Symmetra) and I'd love your thoughts on them (or anyone else's)!

    Mei: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpA9sSp_6yc
    Symmetra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6FpYdcyWDY

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'm very stoked for this one! Finally a payload that actually matters in a match as opposed to being some story tie-in!

  • Anyone play yesterday when they got the message of the season being over? I was mid match and I remember everyone on my team freaking out. I luckily was dead, but my friend wasn't and he just clicked real quick and ulted and killed 3 of their team while reading it lol.

  • I'm actually excited about the second season of competitive. A lot of the changes sound like ways to make playing the mode feel rewarding - something the first season was severely lacking. Having a progression system is great, no sudden death is a fresh breath of air, and being graded from 1 to 5000 just gives us all more numbers to be proud of. The only questionable decision is being unable to queue with a friend if you're more than 500 levels apart. I get their reasoning behind it but I'll also feel bad if I spend a day ranking up for instance and then I've just eliminated my chance to play with certain friends.

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    Yep. Mercy is my girl. Played a few matches and loved her playstyle.

  • Started playing this recently anyone got any good resources(streams, youtubes, reddit posts) for improving? Not to worried about the basics beginner stuff more looking for maybe advanced mechanics, or in depth commentary of good players.

  • @Holundrian I've learned a lot from Force Gaming and A_Seagull both on YouTube. Force covers most of the updates and changes to the meta whereas Seagull is just an absolute monster and will sometimes share strategy.

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    Thanks! gonna check out forcegaming I did watch some seagull but he plays a looooot of genji? On quick search I didn't find that much with him playing the other chars(bit of hanzo, zariya). Would love to find stuff on phara, reinhardt, lucio and mercy.

  • Cynical nerds might help you I enjoy that youtube channel

  • So season 2 is under way for competitive and it feels so much better than the previous season. I've only played 8 placement matches, but of those 8 matches, only 1 person has left one game. Last season, I saw about 9-10 players leave throughout all of my placement matches, so it seems like that issue is slowly being resolved - or I've just been very lucky. Not losing any progress in the lower leagues is a nice incentive too for those unavoidable bad days. I do miss Zenyatta shredding everyone but I'm still doing work when my tanks remember to tank and not chase a Tracer all the way to the enemy base.

  • My favourite part of Overwatch is how every time I try a new Hero they end up being my most loved. For example I originally didn't enjoy Mcree whatsoever and now he is one of my mains. But the two women that will forever be in my heart are Mercy and Mei.

  • I play Mercy and pretty much only Mercy haha. Teams always need a good Healer :D

    Bnet: DatMiyamoto#1619

  • Hey! I'm a Tracer main! Genji is my second.

    If there is one thing I'm angry about, it's Roadhogs hook! I play on ps4, I think the hook has way to big hitbox and as Tracer you should be able to use recall or blink if you have either of those ready to escape. It should not be a free one hit kill with how easy it is to grapple someone! I've literally been behind walls and blinked away and the hook just follows or goes through the wall and grabs me. Makes me so angry haha!

    Love the game otherwise!

  • @Skippersa Gotta say, I disagree. It should already be difficult for a Roadhog to hook a Tracer in the first place due to her extreme mobility, but then to allow the Tracer to blink out of that? Seems wildly unfair especially because Tracer can store 3 blinks and has a much lower cooldown than Hawg's chain. The chain/shot/melee combo isn't always a combo that kills, depending on the timing of things. I've definitely used Lucio to push Roadhog away after the chain retracts or Reaper to phase the hell out of there. Then of course there's the (rare) chance the Roadhog just misses.

    I'm not a Genji player but I think they may have nerfed his movement a little too much. Hopefully he gets back to his former glory - with a shorter Dragon Blade.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I can agree with you on the blinks. But you should absolutely be able to use recall. Like you said, since Lucio and Reaper have a chance of getting out of there, Tracer should have a chance as well. It is always a 1 hit free kill if they grapple a Tracer if they don't mess up the shot afterwards.

    I don't agree with you that it's already hard to grab Tracer, it should be very hard, but it's not. The hitbox of the hook is way to big imo, like I said I've literally been behind walls and blinked away from it and it still follows the blink. Also many times where I'm not blinking but consciously evading and standing out of his aim and he still manages to grapple. You can clearly see on the killcam that he was not aiming very close at all. And with 600 health and being able to heal himself? I gotta say I really think they need to check the balancing on that hook.

  • @Skippersa Gotta say, killcam isn't always accurate due to the tick rate on the server. I've been killed behind walls by nearly every character unfortunately. It's just rare for me to see Roadhog much anymore, he's not picked often in the games I'm in plus he's easily countered due to slow cool downs. Definitely harassed more by Tracers so I may be biased in not caring if she dies easily, haha.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Killcam can be misleading sure, but I am an experienced/skilled enough player to know when somethings off.

    That's interesting, since Roadhog has been a commonly picked character in my experience. Are you also playing on ps4?

    Haha, maybe so. Maybe try to use Tracer and fiddle around with Roadhogs grapple and you'll see what I mean. It's the fact that you have no chance of escape with her when hooked, and the hitbox of the hook is unreasonably big. As Tracer I try to be very exact in my timing/movement/placement, but when it comes to that hook you kinda have to make even more of an effort to dodge it since you only have to aim in the general direction of Tracer not actually on Tracer. And I think that's bs! If they added so that you can use Recall to escape - or made the hitbox a little smaller - I would be fine with it!

    Edit: About being exact in timing/movement and so on, what I'm trying to say is that when in front of Roadhog I'm very conscious of what I'm doing. A big part of playing Tracer is being fast and loose tho

  • @Skippersa Yep, PS4 scum here. Tank wise there's usually good ol' Big Shields, Korean gamer girl, and sometimes, the Russian. I've tried Tracer and I get what you're saying but maybe we're playing in different worlds. I can imagine Roadhog to be more accurate on PC (most hover around the 60% hook accuracy on PS4) plus I generally play a lot of Zenyatta so I'm used to death by hook when he's around - although I gotta say, I've gotten pretty good at baiting his hook, juking it, discording him, then shredding from a distance.

  • A couple days ago I was one of the top 10 Zenyatta players on Xbox in competitive play according to masteroverwatch.com (by the metric of score/min), but now I'm down around #700. It was good while it lasted.