Overwatch (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • @TokyoSlim That's right, I forgot it was free this weekend. Well feel free to add me on PSN - SabotageTheTruth. I'll heal you with my balls!

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    @TokyoSlim I would say there's something wrong with you, but not because of your picks in Overwatch. Jokes aside, I think every character has something to enjoy - although I'll admit, I don't have much fun with McCree. He seems to always be getting buffed/nerfed, so I don't think they've found the right balance with him just quite yet. I'm guessing you're playing on PC?

    Nope PS4 free weekend.

    I normally suck total balls at FPS, but I got like a 12 killstreak and got a bunch of upvotes in the first game I played as McCree yesterday.

    That's one of my favorite things about Overwatch. It counts assists as eliminations so it makes everyone feel really good even when they're not getting the final blows. Such a small but great idea!

  • @TokyoSlim That's awesome! I really like McCree as well! Kinda hard to be good with but it feels great when you are!
    Maybe you've already noticed but here's a tip: When you use the roll ability, the gun automatically reloads, so try and use the L2 fire, then roll and use L2 fire again to make 2 really quick bursts! Combine it with the flashbang and you can pull off some great stuff!

  • I think I must have gotten lucky. I went quick play and just got 100% destroyed as McCree. lol
    That's how it goes.

  • I'm still playing. Around 227 hours. Been maining Ana, Pinata and DVA lately. Mercy is definitely more enjoyable since her recent buff. Playing Reaper once in a while when I get tired of heavy thinking in the game, haha. He's super simple.

    Just enjoying these characters for a bit, then I'll probably switch it up again.

  • Season two is alot better I agree. Went undefeated in the first 8 play in games and started to get 5 min queue times. Apparently were playing against top 500 guys. Luckily it won't downhill from there and rank has dropped

  • I think I lost every game I played in competitive tonight. Sometimes the people I get matched up with are just the worst.

  • In case you don't know: These guys (Protatomonster) makes some entertaining top 5 plays once a week I believe
    Youtube Video

  • @TheOhrenberger wow, never seen that site

    24431 on ps4! Way better then I thought I'd be....

  • @sam776 There's where I'm at right now. I was exhausted last night and played as Reaper/Bastion so I wouldn't have to think as much. Still kept getting play of the game, keeping that cheese nice and fresh.

  • @Inustar it's such a good site!

  • I refuse to let the Overwatch love die. So has anyone else been playing competitive? Where's everyone ranked at? I've been slowly climbing the platinum ladder (at 2599 currently). I still mostly play Quickplay, but I'll jump in for a match or two to see that rank rise. I'd love to get into diamond before the season ends but... we'll see!

  • @SabotageTheTruth My highest was 2188. Haven't got back there... I think the current is 2152

    Granted I just play with strangers and am terrible at communication, so I understand I've hit my ceiling ☺

  • @Inustar Yeah, solo queue is a mixed bag. I've been using my mic more and I lucked out and formed a pretty great team last night. Once they had to log off, back to queuing with people that refuse to communicate or switch heroes. 3 defense heroes on a king of the hill match and I just didn't understand why no one bothered to switch their choice, not even once. I guess some people just want to watch the world burn.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I play the best I can, so I change out when needed. But having no mic, I just accept that I won't rank higher, which is fine since I'm playing for fun.
    Nothing is as great though as getting a great team!

  • @SabotageTheTruth I just hit 2400 for the first time today :smile: i want to hit platinum in another week or so hopefully..

  • Hit 2981 :( my friend who I played all the placement games with made it to about 3100 so I'm kind of upset I didn't get there lol. Have dropped severely since then tho. Down to 2600

  • I'm on PS4 and have had much more success in Solo Q compared to playing with 2 or 3 friends. I'm currently 2722 and about 30 points short of my first golden gun.... Can't decide between Hanzo or McCree :/

  • I've been playing a ton of competitive this season. My friends and I were able to get up in the high 2800s but we've had a bit of a bad streak and some bad luck with teammates. Now I think I'm somewhare around 2600, maybe right below 2700. Gotta get back up there. I need diamond this season!