Overwatch (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • It looks like Halloween costumes might be a thing. I truly hope they learned their lesson with the Olympic backlash and allow you to use your coins to purchase skins, but we'll see. More than likely, 'Sombra' is coming out before the end of the month too. Hype!

  • @SabotageTheTruth If they have a special event-only currency like Candy or something that expires at the end of the window, I would also be satisfied with that. The main issue with the Summer Games, at least imo, was that if you really wanted one particular item there was no guarantee you would get it no matter how much you played. If they let us use a unique currency, then at least we would be sure overtime to eventually be able to buy that Witch Mercy skin if we play enough

  • @Galaxy40k Yep, totally fine with that as well. Not only did the "play tons of hours and not get the skin you want," method really stink, I'd say it hurts even more for those that actually spent money. I honestly can't imagine how frustrating it would be to drop $5-$50 and not get what you want, because 1) I would never spend that much on loot boxes, 2) That seems very anti-consumer. The teased skins look amazing though, so I really hope this candy idea comes to fruition!

  • @SabotageTheTruth Nah. I definitely see Blizzard sticking with event lootbox only. As much as people complained, they made a ton of money and this kind of gambling style microtransaction works.

    Personally, I'm fine with continuing to pay into the game, in some form. Overwatch is an ongoing thing with continued work and man hours being put into it, which I gladly pay for; I just wish it was done in a less manipulative way.

  • I'd be totally fine with it all if you could just buy the skins (and taunts, sprays etc.). Either through an event-only currency or just costing oodles more than the average skin of same rarity (or hell just outright paying for them with real cash.)

    I dunno I'm honestly fine with the RNG "you gotta buy this" gambling factor in Hearthstone and I'm not sure if that's just because years of Yugioh and Magic conditioned me to accept it in card games or because it's simply not as scummy with event-only things like this.

  • The new Halloween stuff looks great! Looks like I'll be sinking some time into this over the coming weekend :)

  • Who's going to be playing? I'll be playing with my fiancee, hit me up! I'll log in the discord or something

  • @OddMan11 Actually, no.. You can buy the skins with currency. Granted, it's 3x times the price of a normal skin but for those of us that have been stockpiling like myself, it's a nice treat. I'll still try to unlock what I can but if it's towards the end of the event and I don't have the new Zen skin, there goes all my gold. They listened!

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  • Hey guys I'm in Platinum and looking for some people to play with. Anyone who wants to, please add me on bnet Scrotinger#1127

  • Has anyone here beaten the horde on hard mode yet? I've gotten to the last part of it only to die so many times now that it's starting to kill me.

  • @Mr-M Not yet, I haven't even had any luck beating it on normal though. I hate to be the guy that says his team is no good, but when you're out-healing Ana as Solider 76.... that ain't right.

    I love the concept and execution of the brawl though and I truly hope Blizzard makes something similar to this mode permanent. In the very least, it's a fun change of pace.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'm likely to be the worst player in this thread and I've gotten through medium a few times even with randoms so damn you've got some bad luck hahaha just grab McCree and hang out on the left ledge using your ult to one shot the boss characters and you should be able to carry the randoms :P

  • Anyone got some sweet halloween skins? I have opened 4-5 halloween boxes and have yet to receive one.. I need that Mercy witch skin!

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  • @Fridge-man
    Got Dr Junkenstien on my second box.
    Want Witch Mercy though. Mercy is my main and the witch costume makes me diamonds.

  • I want the Mercy Witch and Junkenstein Junkrat sooooooo bad. This is the first time I've ever spent money on loot boxes because I'm such a sucker for Halloween stuff in games.

  • I got the Junkenstein skin! YAY!

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah, I was totally wrong. Still surprised, but I'm glad they added, like Damiani said, a "light at the end of the tunnel".

    Like I said before though, I kind of think of these seasonal events as my time to pay my "subscription" to Overwatch so I didn't really have a problem with buying a few boxes. I spent $20, got the Mercy and Reaper skins (the two legendaries I wanted), a few of the new purples, and made enough coin to pick up Coldhardt. I don't really care about much else in the update; I never play Junkrat and I have a copy of each of the two other Roadhog legendaries which I actually like better anyway. The only thing I still really want is the Reaper highlight intro, and I kind of want the Pharah and Ana skins. It's nice to think about how I can definitely make enough coin to buy the highlight intro and if I don't get the other two I won't be losing any sleep.

    Not like the Mercy Olympic skin... God damn. I looked at the preview and in the current Halloween lighting it looks even better than usual right now.

  • @OddMan11 Getting Merycs and Reapers legendary halloween skins... I'm not jelaous.. Nope...

  • Went on a 5 game competitive win streak last night! Feels good

    also this Halloween update is awesome. Junkenstein's revenge is such a cool mode.