Overwatch (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • Has anyone here beaten the horde on hard mode yet? I've gotten to the last part of it only to die so many times now that it's starting to kill me.

  • @Mr-M Not yet, I haven't even had any luck beating it on normal though. I hate to be the guy that says his team is no good, but when you're out-healing Ana as Solider 76.... that ain't right.

    I love the concept and execution of the brawl though and I truly hope Blizzard makes something similar to this mode permanent. In the very least, it's a fun change of pace.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'm likely to be the worst player in this thread and I've gotten through medium a few times even with randoms so damn you've got some bad luck hahaha just grab McCree and hang out on the left ledge using your ult to one shot the boss characters and you should be able to carry the randoms :P

  • Anyone got some sweet halloween skins? I have opened 4-5 halloween boxes and have yet to receive one.. I need that Mercy witch skin!

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  • Banned

    Got Dr Junkenstien on my second box.
    Want Witch Mercy though. Mercy is my main and the witch costume makes me diamonds.

  • I want the Mercy Witch and Junkenstein Junkrat sooooooo bad. This is the first time I've ever spent money on loot boxes because I'm such a sucker for Halloween stuff in games.

  • I got the Junkenstein skin! YAY!

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah, I was totally wrong. Still surprised, but I'm glad they added, like Damiani said, a "light at the end of the tunnel".

    Like I said before though, I kind of think of these seasonal events as my time to pay my "subscription" to Overwatch so I didn't really have a problem with buying a few boxes. I spent $20, got the Mercy and Reaper skins (the two legendaries I wanted), a few of the new purples, and made enough coin to pick up Coldhardt. I don't really care about much else in the update; I never play Junkrat and I have a copy of each of the two other Roadhog legendaries which I actually like better anyway. The only thing I still really want is the Reaper highlight intro, and I kind of want the Pharah and Ana skins. It's nice to think about how I can definitely make enough coin to buy the highlight intro and if I don't get the other two I won't be losing any sleep.

    Not like the Mercy Olympic skin... God damn. I looked at the preview and in the current Halloween lighting it looks even better than usual right now.

  • @OddMan11 Getting Merycs and Reapers legendary halloween skins... I'm not jelaous.. Nope...

  • Went on a 5 game competitive win streak last night! Feels good

    also this Halloween update is awesome. Junkenstein's revenge is such a cool mode.

  • Opened 5 Halloween loot boxes... I've only gotten 2 sprays, 2 voice lines, and one victory pose (for Ana). RNG doesn't like me apparently. Finally completed the brawl on medium though, time to tackle hard!

  • @Fridge-man I actually also just got the other two Halloween legendaries in two in-a-row boxes. If that makes you feel any better.

  • @OddMan11 It does not.. I managed to get the halloween Ana skin but I rarely play her.

  • @Fridge-man said in The Overwatch Thread:

    @OddMan11 It does not.. I managed to get the halloween Ana skin but I rarely play her.

    Play her you fool! She's awesome! :P

  • @thenerdtheword I just find it difficult to do adequate healing as her. I guess I'll just have to play as her more and learn her ways better! She is stupid strong if you can play her.

  • I finally caved and threw $20 in to get some Halloween goodies. First two boxes held witch Mercy and Dr. Junkenstein, demon Hanzo came a little later on, and the very final box had Reaper's Halloween skin hiding in it. I've still got a week to try and earn Zen, Ana, and Roadhog's new skins, if not... well I've got enough coins for them. I get the feeling we'll probably get some sort of Christmas update next, although I can't imagine the skins being quite as great as these. Santa Roadhog would be pretty jolly though.

  • Barely got enough coins to purchase the Junkenstein skin about an hour before the event ended. Super happy I managed to get it.

  • My very last halloween loot box had both the Mercy witch skin and the Reaper one...

    You would think that was awesome... except I already had gotten them both.

    In he end the only thing I didn't get that I wanted was the Ana ghoul skin. Hardly play her anyway...