Overwatch (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • I want the Mercy Witch and Junkenstein Junkrat sooooooo bad. This is the first time I've ever spent money on loot boxes because I'm such a sucker for Halloween stuff in games.

  • I got the Junkenstein skin! YAY!

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah, I was totally wrong. Still surprised, but I'm glad they added, like Damiani said, a "light at the end of the tunnel".

    Like I said before though, I kind of think of these seasonal events as my time to pay my "subscription" to Overwatch so I didn't really have a problem with buying a few boxes. I spent $20, got the Mercy and Reaper skins (the two legendaries I wanted), a few of the new purples, and made enough coin to pick up Coldhardt. I don't really care about much else in the update; I never play Junkrat and I have a copy of each of the two other Roadhog legendaries which I actually like better anyway. The only thing I still really want is the Reaper highlight intro, and I kind of want the Pharah and Ana skins. It's nice to think about how I can definitely make enough coin to buy the highlight intro and if I don't get the other two I won't be losing any sleep.

    Not like the Mercy Olympic skin... God damn. I looked at the preview and in the current Halloween lighting it looks even better than usual right now.

  • @OddMan11 Getting Merycs and Reapers legendary halloween skins... I'm not jelaous.. Nope...

  • Went on a 5 game competitive win streak last night! Feels good

    also this Halloween update is awesome. Junkenstein's revenge is such a cool mode.

  • Opened 5 Halloween loot boxes... I've only gotten 2 sprays, 2 voice lines, and one victory pose (for Ana). RNG doesn't like me apparently. Finally completed the brawl on medium though, time to tackle hard!

  • @Fridge-man I actually also just got the other two Halloween legendaries in two in-a-row boxes. If that makes you feel any better.

  • @OddMan11 It does not.. I managed to get the halloween Ana skin but I rarely play her.

  • @Fridge-man said in The Overwatch Thread:

    @OddMan11 It does not.. I managed to get the halloween Ana skin but I rarely play her.

    Play her you fool! She's awesome! :P

  • @thenerdtheword I just find it difficult to do adequate healing as her. I guess I'll just have to play as her more and learn her ways better! She is stupid strong if you can play her.

  • I finally caved and threw $20 in to get some Halloween goodies. First two boxes held witch Mercy and Dr. Junkenstein, demon Hanzo came a little later on, and the very final box had Reaper's Halloween skin hiding in it. I've still got a week to try and earn Zen, Ana, and Roadhog's new skins, if not... well I've got enough coins for them. I get the feeling we'll probably get some sort of Christmas update next, although I can't imagine the skins being quite as great as these. Santa Roadhog would be pretty jolly though.

  • Barely got enough coins to purchase the Junkenstein skin about an hour before the event ended. Super happy I managed to get it.

  • My very last halloween loot box had both the Mercy witch skin and the Reaper one...

    You would think that was awesome... except I already had gotten them both.

    In he end the only thing I didn't get that I wanted was the Ana ghoul skin. Hardly play her anyway...

  • I got every skin and I regret nothing

  • I ended up missing skins for Bastion and Soldier 76 but.... those weren't too great anyway. The update next week is huge though! Arcade mode sounds like a lot of fun as mystery heroes was the only brawl I ever enjoyed, so I'm glad to have it permanently join the roster. Plus, 1v1 and 3v3 should be intense for different reasons.

  • I didn't want to spend money on boxes until the last day of the event. If I got Mercys' witch skin, then I would be set. I leveled and got over 10 lootboxes before finally getting it! No money spent and nearly 2000 in in game money at the end of it!

  • Sombra is here!

  • Winter event is live with a collection of christmas themed skin, voice lines, emotes, etc etc and a new brawl!

    Winstons Yeti skin is my favourite of the event skins, by far.

  • The snowball fight brawl is the best thing ever!