Do You Think RE4 Remake Will Ruin RE4?

  • One of my bugbears when it comes to remaking a game is that they can ruin the quirky design choices and flourishes of the original game.

    Resident Evil has already seen three remakes, but these brought RE to modern standards and each were very well done and instead of messing with the original games, they largely improved them-besides some of the cheesy lines, especially in RE2 where the shop clerk blurts out "sorry about that babe," after Claire Redfield enters the shop and he almost mistook him for one of those gurgling fiends. Yes it's quite sexist if you take this sort of thing seriously, but it adds humour in an otherwise dark situation.

    My big worry is that Resident Evil 4 remake will jettison cool features like Leon's ability to crush monks heads with sickening wrestling suplexes, and I don't think we'll see Leon flipping out of tower windows either.

    I'm of the opinion that RE4 does not need a remake because the original RE4 is perfectly fine, and it has some great cheesy lines that I'd rather be kept intact. Perhaps I'm too cynical, but I think that modernized remakes can take certain joys away that were present in the original games, so I am prepared for undesirable tradeoffs.

    This isn't to say RE4 Remake won't be a very good one, but I can sense more will be done to technically and graphically enhance it than wowing us with new moments of weirdness. I don't really want Resident Evil to abandon its oddities, but at the moment I am skeptical that it's going to do this for the sake of enriching the look and feel of it.

    What do you guys think, do you feel RE4 Remake will sacrifice too much of the original game for technical enhancements-or do you think most of what made the 2005 game great will remain?

  • I'm actually most excited about the remake being deliberately different compared to the original. Like, the original RE4 holds up quite well to the test of time already. The remake looks much more serious, moody, and darker, in a way that reminds me of the prototype RE4 gameplay which is more leaning to horror compared to what we got with the OG fame. I really hope that that they go full on horror with the remake, and I don't mind if they lose some of the more silly/cheesy aspects of RE4. Ultimately I think it's more meaningful to make a unique experience rather than just making a comparatively better product. At this point, the cheesy story and addictive gameplay of the OG game will forever live on no matter what.

  • I'm both excited and worried, mostly because RE4 is damn near perfect as is. That said I'm curious to see how the more horror angled twist will change things.

    I'm actually working on something currently to hopefully get my thoughts together a bit more coherently

  • I wouldn't say ruin because the original will still exist but neither the RE2 or RE3 have captured what made the originals so good so I don't expect RE4 to do same. They are good games on their own, great even but they are missing some key elements that made the originals so good.

  • @neocweeny
    What elements? RE3 I get but I personally thought RE2Make did a pretty good job of capturing what made RE2 so great.

  • @dmcmaster How the A and B scenarios connect was done very poorly in the remake.

  • I loved my 1st playthrough back in the day when it was released but always hated parts of it. Part of the castle, the whole island part minus few enemies, story and lore feeling hollow as a dead tree especially when they just skipped all Umbrella at the very beginning.
    So I welcome this remake since I have hard time playing RE4 now after being exposed with lots of 3rd person 3D games past decade.
    Of course I wished Code: Veronica had the remake treatment 1st but I can see why they went with this instead.
    And I for one wouldn't mind them cutting stuff out unlike RE3R.
    Totally agree RE2 on scenarios. The only yet major reason why og RE2 can't be replaced unlike RE1R which I hope they won't ever remake again.
    RE0 though. There's co-op potential