Developer Gameography Ranking Questions!

  • Hello everybody! So to assist in the desire of wanting to get some more topics in here for us all to discuss, I thought about developer gameography rankings!

    Any thoughts in this regard? Is this a good idea? Any guidelines we should set? Voting suggestions?

    I was thinking limiting a developer to ten games to qualify. Is that too much? I was thinking we don't want to dig into too much minutia between different genres if the developer attempted in that regard. Too heavily at least!

    Thanks everyone!

  • I'd be down. Just to clarify, we pick a developer and we create an official list of games. Then we order those games for a countdown vote similar to our GOTY lists?

    If so, it sounds like fun. I don't think we should limit the gameography to 10 games if a studio has >10 games. I would also suggest we order a few studios at one time. Like maybe 3 in one go.

    Some studio suggestions from me:

    EA Vancouver (formerly EA Canada): SSX series, NHL series, FIFA series, Fight Night series

    Rockstar Games (all studios): GTA series, RDR series, Bully, LA Noir, more.

    Insomniac Games: Ratchet & Clank series, Marvel's Spider-Man series, Spyro series, more.

    I think Insomniac can be interesting because they have a lot of games with a lot of potential rankings within one series. I could see one game in a series at the tip top while another in the same series is down low.

  • I think a voting system like in the Top 20xx GOTYs we have here would work here as well, maybe top 6 and 4 HMs if we're going with 10? Or maybe change it according to the number of games the studio has, which might help provide a more "accurate" gauge of game placements.

    I think the variety of genres in the studio's history should be left as is. Our votes would help show what genre/direction that the studio seemed to be best at. Good example of this would be if we do Naughty Dog, and seeing where Jak 2-3 places in comparison to Jak 1 and the Crash games.

  • All of these suggestions make sense! Think if a studio has a few games that we want to rank, we could do a group of those in one go? And that could be limited to a specific number? But also frequency in that regard might be a factor as to how many we limit or something. Also I could start setting this up when August comes around as well!

    Voting wise I was definitely thinking of how we do GOTYs in my head. And we could vary voting wise like @bam541 said.

  • Yeah maybe we can do 2-3 studios with not too many titles at one time like DIPSET said, then do one big studio after that, and alternating between those two kind of votes

  • Yeah I should've specified, we can group together a few studios with a smaller list of releases.

    Can we do Naughty Dog later though? I've never played the Jak games and would like to rip through the series rather than abstain from voting on them. I say Insomniac would be a good studio to start with.