Novel-like Games

  • Some games I feel resemble a good hearty book just as much as they exist as videogames. The Uncharted games I feel have a novel quality to them as they are broken into chapters, there's plenty going on besides shooting men with guns, and there's a diversity to the adventure that makes them exciting and they are paced wonderfully. Spec-Ops: The Line is another game that not only seems novel-like in its presentation, but it's heavily inspired by Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Then there's Bioshock that takes plenty of inspiration from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and Crime and Punishment from Fyodor Dostoevsky.

    What games do you consider to be like a good book and what are some of your favorite games inspired by novels?

  • Thinking of Wolfenstein II The New Colossus (specifically the first half) and how much B.J. does monologues in his mind, it's a very novel-like quality, I guess.

  • 999, virtues last reward, ghost trick,

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  • Thinking of Wolfenstein II too.

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  • I think The Last of Us Part II reminds me of any good novel. It has a strong plot overall and there is enough symbolism hypodermically injected into scenes and environments to convey the authors intentions while simultaneously allowing for a significant amount of interpretation. I still have some ongoing debates in my head about how the acoustic guitar works as a symbol for Ellie and Joel's relationship while fitting into the greater themes of trauma, revenge, hate, and forgiveness.

    I think TLOU as a series is probably the closest thing we have to a novel-like experience where the Director offers up an authoritative voice while giving the player allowance to extract their own meaning. This can be equally as interesting as playing the game itself.

    Many other games offer up a solid world or a solid plot, but they don't give you that personal sense of extraction like TLOU does. For example, I recently finished Cyberpunk 2077 which has a pretty touching plot about death and sickness and how it affects the life you live and your relationships with those around you. In CP77, V is dying of a virus where an AI is killing her brain. In TLOU, Ellie has a disease that is supposed to kill her, but doesn't. Both have similar plot catalysts and weave in and out of personal relationships that are affected by the same theme of death, but CP77 kind of gives you it's version of those themes via a straightforward plot. Almost everything that happens in that game exists to push the plot forward. I never really felt like I had to dig deep and extract what it was trying to say. In TLOU, The backdrop of Ellie's ability or inability to die isn't a plot device in the same way. TLOU has a lot more subtlety to its writing, acting, environments, sub-plots, etc.