Holiday-Worthy Videogame Settings

  • There are many picturesque environments in videogames I'm sure we'd love to spend time in. Uncharted games for me have some of the most gorgeous and scenic locations, I'd love to go and explore the ruins and islands rife with secrets, treasures and ancient notes and scribblings. I find Uncharted games to be about a hell of a lot more than kick-ass action set pieces and Hollywood-level bombast, it's about the vistas, the cultures, the histories you unearth. I feel like Uncharted games have made me appreciate the inherent beauty life offers if we went out and looked for it.

    What videogame locations whisk you away making you wish you were drinking them in for real?

  • Uncharted is up there but those locales are kinda bombed out and war-torn so I don't really love to bask in them like virtual tourism.

    I'd say Skate II's version of San Vanelona is up there for me. It's meant to be a combination of Downtown LA/Vancouver, beaches of Vancouver, city hills of San Francisco, mountains of Whistler. The brownish golden film stock FX overlay make it feel nostalgic like watching The Godfather.

    alt text

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    It's a pretty beautiful game and when I actually went to visit BC on vacation, I caught a lot of that vibe in real life. Lots of skaters, lots of beaches, beautiful sunsets.

  • @dipset I think it depends which Uncharted games you're referring to. Uncharted 2 has plenty of war-torn locales, but Uncharted 4 has locations that are stunning to behold and many areas that aren't war-torn and destroyed.

    Skate games are always pleasurable and leisurely but the urban settings have their limits in what they can offer visually.

  • I do agree with DIPSET regarding Uncharted tourism, but there's a couple spots in Uncharted that are combat-free: the Uncharted 4 epilogue in particular, and the islands in Uncharted 4 chapter 12 are the ones I revisit a lot each time I play it again. Most of it is from U4 actually, one of the reasons why it's my fav Uncharted.

    Also Gran Turismo 7 makes me want to race in all sorts of race circuits all over the world.

  • @bam541 Chapter 12 in Uncharted 4 is what I'm talking about-what a lovely respite that chapter is away from the violence and decimation. That's the sort of island excursion that would be blissful to take.