3 Days Early Access

  • One glaring pre-order incentive we're seeing crop up here and there, is the 3 days early access for a game. This incentive is usually hiding among various others in a list, but I think it's the most compelling one gamers are provoked by.

    Typically you have to pay an additional cost to be granted 72 hours of play time prior to the official launch, which might seem cool so eager players can get stuck in, but there's a catch. Such incentives are of limited value, once those 72 hours wash up then the value of the perk does too.

    Also, I feel they exist to relieve constipation for gamers who simply cannot wait to play the game on launch day. Waiting is the hardest part for some people and it's cathartic to purchase the game with 3 days early access because you no longer need to wait and hold on. It's like the relief you get when you excrete waste from your body but without the physical sensation to go along with it.

    I am guilty of having pre-ordered deluxe editions with three days early access as an incentive, because the wait for the next WWE or F1 game is too big for me to extend my patience for 3 extra days.

    Do you think getting a game 3 days early is worthwhile or do you think it's a waste of money?

  • its a nice extra but nothing more. complete waste of money if that's the only reason u order the deluxe edition of something.

  • I feel like I have the opposite problem where I want to play a game at launch but I know between work, life, hobbies, and backlog, that I will wait a bit. Very few games are a Day 1 buy for me anymore. I can safely say I'll pick up Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and God of War Ragnarok on Day 1 this year, but I have no desire to get in early. I'd rather just play them when I have time.

    If I think back to when I was 12 and had a lot less self control, I'd be so eager with anticipation for a new release game. Some of my favourite memories in high school was picking up anticipated games on Day 1 and rushing home to play them: Fight Night Round 4, Skate II, Uncharted 2, MGS IV, GTA IV, Killzone 2. Some of those games, I was losing sleep over waiting for the day to come.

    I remember in Grade 12, we skipped the last half of school to grab Uncharted 3 at EB Games then managed to finish it in one sitting by 7:30pm.

    Nowadays, I just can't get that excited.

  • I'm down for it tbh, specifically if it's a game that's not a one sitting kind of thing AND also a game I'm gonna buy it no matter how the reviews end up. Stuff like TLOU Part II, FF7R, Ghost of Tsushima. I would love to play those games early because I'm excited enough for them, and my excitement for them goes beyond the pure quality of the game.