Thanks for the excitement over my package

  • Hey Allies,

    This is just a feedback post. I wanted to say a proper thanks for opening my package on the stream, reading the note and getting excited for the contents. My wife and I put a lot of thought into it and it was great to see the results. The Tetley is Tea not Coffee. I know it isn't as common over there. The package segment is genuinely one of my favourites, love seeing the Allies excitement for it all.

    Brandon, I would love to see the aftermath of Sophies toy. I had wondered if she liked toys since I never see her with any.

    Didn't make it obvious in the letter, but I do have a job again :). I wish I could have watched live, but it would have been 2AM the stream started here.

    Much love and respect,

    Gordon AKA Kornfan2007 :)