Vampyr (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • Set in London in the year 1918, military surgeon Jonathan E. Reid returns home from the frontlines of World War 1 to find London in chaos as the Spanish Flu pandemic ravages the city, violence rages in the streets, and panic and fear grips the hearts of the citizens of London.
    Then one night, he wakes up in a mass grave and finds himself transformed into a vampire. With no memories of how he ended up there, or how he was transformed, he tries to return to his normal life. But alas, his attempts prove futile, as he learns that he now needs the blood of the living to survive.

    As a doctor, you have sworn to save lives, but as a vampire you need to kill to survive. How will you balance your Hippocratic oath, and your vampiric nature? Who will you choose to kill, and who will you choose to spare?

    Without feeding you will be weak, easy prey for other vampires and vampire hunters alike. You will have to choose your victims, gaining their trust by seducing them, or changing their daily patterns to make sure they end up in a dark alley, alone, at a time of your choosing. Your choices will impact the world around you. But remember that when someone is dead, they're gone forever, and it will have a profound effect on other people in the city.

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    That this game has seemingly slipped under everyone's radar is a travesty. We've waited so long for a proper vampire game, and this looks to be it. After all of the trash, finally we have something to scratch that particular itch that hasn't been satisfied since Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. And the asethetic is absolutely gorgeous. Just look at it. It's like Bloodborne and Dishonored had a baby. A vampire baby.

  • After Life is Strange I couldn't be more excited about this game.

    I'm not expecting the combat to be incredible by any means but I don't need it to be. If they can deliver an interesting world with good characters and a story I care about... I'm all in. I think they'll deliver on those aspects in spades.

  • I'm so on board. Its been way too long since good vampire content. I havent watched any trailers for this, wondering if I should (and could) keep resisting so I can dive in fresh on release. Complete Huber style blackout.

    EDIT i immediately caved and watched the Trailer. Glorious. Getting Vampire: the Masquerade - Redmeption vibes

  • @sblomkamp said in Vampyr - why you need to care about this game:

    Its been way too long since good vampire content.

    I think both Skyrim and The Witcher 3 have vampire expansions; Dawnguard and Blood & Wine.

    Anyway, this didn't slip under my radar, Life is Strange being my favorite game since The Last of Us and all, I'm just having a hard time getting excited for Vampyr. It's the setting. After Life is Strange's awkward, but true, modernism, I'm really just not enthused about a period piece. After all, there just looks to be bunch of awful, stupid people in post-industrial London.

    The patterns stuff sounds cool (where did you hear that from?) and the kill offs could be neat, but I don't know. I really don't need combat from Dontnod. For me the quality of the game will hinge on whether there's a central plot and whether that story is enticing or not.

  • @Haru17 said in Vampyr - why you need to care about this game:After Life is Strange's awkward, but true, modernism, I'm really just not enthused about a period piece.

    I haven't played Life is Strange yet, but is it actually modernist? If so, that would be really interesting. It looked like it was more influenced by postmodern film and television than anything else.

    Speaking of modernism, the title of this game is a bit distracting, given it shares its name with a really important early sound film. I was a little bummed to see that they don't have much in common, though the game does look like it could be a good time.

    Really hoping it can stick the time period. I think historical fiction in gaming is a really weak genre, so I'm down for anything that can fill the void.

  • @Ringedwithtile Ugh. I try to stay away from calling things "modern" or "post-modern" due to the sheer paradoxical dumbness of the later term. I guess what I mean is "contemporariness." It's perhaps the only game that really leans into and plays upon how—ugh, another term I hate—millennials relate and communicate with one another.

    It's certainly worth a play if you're at all interested in Dontnod, but don't expect flawless writing right out of the gate (ep 1).

  • @Haru17 Ah, I see! I was actually a little more interested in Life is Strange when you applied the word modernist to it though! But I really like slice-of-life storytelling, I guess I've just been a bit a bit apprehensive because of the format and vague criticisms I've heard about its writing quality.

    I'll try to get around it before Vampyr comes out!

  • I'm interested, but kind of skepticle.

  • Interview and gameplay from Gamescom.

    Youtube Video

  • Youtube Video

    (Obviously watch this first.) Anyway, I'm not sure about the combat, but I like this game a lot more after watching this trailer. And I love the music. That violin (viola?) combat theme and the chanting at the end? Absolutely haunting! I know Kyle would hate it, but I really dig the little extra touch of having the NPCs say a line about their own deaths. That way I even want to kill my favorite characters, in a way, just so I can hear their thoughts.

    The concept of having a "sad" game is interesting. I wonder, though, how much impact the story will have by the end if the whole thing is this mournful. Well, the execution so far is promising if nothing else.

  • I really like what I saw. The combat is fairly uninteresting, I wonder if there'll be a way to avoid combat entirely. It feels kind of like a failure being outed as a vampire in the first place, so for RP reasons I'd rather avoid that. At least for humans. But the combat itself looked acceptable, albeit kind of stiff. It's not exactly bloodborne combat.

    I'm curious though about what kind of weapons you get to use. Because we saw some like, sawed off shotguns and what looked like a surgical saw. I did really like the effect they use for the vampiric powers. That looks sick. I'll totally focus on as much of that stuff as possible.

    One thing my little brother noticed that I found kinda funny was the moment when you see the two guys standing over a corpse going: "He's drained dry. This wasn't no flu, this is the work of a vampire." And my brother pointed out, completely accurately: "If he was drained dry by a vampire, then how come there's so much blood on the floor?" to which my only response was "Ehh... Good point. That actually doesn't make sense."

  • Clearly my most anticipated game. Been following it for a long time (well, January 2015). I really love how they nailed the aspect of a sick and wounded London. OST seems promising too (Olivier Deriviere?)

    About combat, even if I'm not really worried about them from what we see in the trailer, it is worth noting they are still at a


  • I hope the narrative really does adjust to your way of playing as they seem to be implying in the Gamescom video (I didn't see all of it). And I'm definetively excited to see more about it, hopefully it does turn out to be a good follow up to Life is Strange.

  • One article and three screenshots for Vampyr:

    Vampyr Screenshot

    Vampyr Screenshot

    Vampyr Screenshot

  • Time to bump this thread with new stuff. The game is shaping up quite nicely.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Well I do like games with vampires in them. Good ones anyway, so I'm keeping an eye on this.

  • Love the theme, and time period. Been interested in the game since it was announced but have been waiting on that "One thing" that really sells it to me.

    Glad they had more to show of it this year.

  • Am hyped for the game, the combat looks pretty meh but maybe they've worked that out more since the last gameplay shown. Totally plan on buying this just for the setting alone

  • Vampires been missing from games for awhile now. Looking forward to it.

  • Definitely on my radar, could be one of my Fall games. I loved Life Is Strange and everything I'm hearing about Vampyr so far makes me very confident in their vision.