Vampyr (PS4/XBO/PC)

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    (Obviously watch this first.) Anyway, I'm not sure about the combat, but I like this game a lot more after watching this trailer. And I love the music. That violin (viola?) combat theme and the chanting at the end? Absolutely haunting! I know Kyle would hate it, but I really dig the little extra touch of having the NPCs say a line about their own deaths. That way I even want to kill my favorite characters, in a way, just so I can hear their thoughts.

    The concept of having a "sad" game is interesting. I wonder, though, how much impact the story will have by the end if the whole thing is this mournful. Well, the execution so far is promising if nothing else.

  • I really like what I saw. The combat is fairly uninteresting, I wonder if there'll be a way to avoid combat entirely. It feels kind of like a failure being outed as a vampire in the first place, so for RP reasons I'd rather avoid that. At least for humans. But the combat itself looked acceptable, albeit kind of stiff. It's not exactly bloodborne combat.

    I'm curious though about what kind of weapons you get to use. Because we saw some like, sawed off shotguns and what looked like a surgical saw. I did really like the effect they use for the vampiric powers. That looks sick. I'll totally focus on as much of that stuff as possible.

    One thing my little brother noticed that I found kinda funny was the moment when you see the two guys standing over a corpse going: "He's drained dry. This wasn't no flu, this is the work of a vampire." And my brother pointed out, completely accurately: "If he was drained dry by a vampire, then how come there's so much blood on the floor?" to which my only response was "Ehh... Good point. That actually doesn't make sense."

  • Clearly my most anticipated game. Been following it for a long time (well, January 2015). I really love how they nailed the aspect of a sick and wounded London. OST seems promising too (Olivier Deriviere?)

    About combat, even if I'm not really worried about them from what we see in the trailer, it is worth noting they are still at a


  • I hope the narrative really does adjust to your way of playing as they seem to be implying in the Gamescom video (I didn't see all of it). And I'm definetively excited to see more about it, hopefully it does turn out to be a good follow up to Life is Strange.

  • One article and three screenshots for Vampyr:

    Vampyr Screenshot

    Vampyr Screenshot

    Vampyr Screenshot

  • Time to bump this thread with new stuff. The game is shaping up quite nicely.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Well I do like games with vampires in them. Good ones anyway, so I'm keeping an eye on this.

  • Love the theme, and time period. Been interested in the game since it was announced but have been waiting on that "One thing" that really sells it to me.

    Glad they had more to show of it this year.

  • Am hyped for the game, the combat looks pretty meh but maybe they've worked that out more since the last gameplay shown. Totally plan on buying this just for the setting alone

  • Vampires been missing from games for awhile now. Looking forward to it.

  • Definitely on my radar, could be one of my Fall games. I loved Life Is Strange and everything I'm hearing about Vampyr so far makes me very confident in their vision.

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    The hype begins.

  • @Axel I'm confused or maybe I'm being stupid but is this going episodic now. I thought I was a full release .

  • @Axel I was being stupid it a teaser for a web series

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    That soundtrack! I have a feeling I'm going to love this game.

  • I want to care about this game, but i can't because vampires are so disgusting for me. Gives me the chills just thinking about one of em breathing down my neck.

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    Release date announced: June 5th!


    Day One purchase, I'm so excited to play this game.

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    Vampyr dev livestream from last night. They showed off new gameplay(about six hours in the game) and had a small Q&A session.