Favourite In-Game Collectibles

  • Videogame collectibles fall into two camps as far as I'm concerned. Either they're throwaway tat that doesn't belong, only serving the purpose of padding out the game they are apart of, or they immerse you even more into the game and its world.

    I think Mafia: Definitive Edition's collectibles fall into the latter camp mostly, though I do think they went a bit OTT with the amount. The amount of classic reading materials you find really do make you feel immersed in the 1930s. The Cigarette Cards meanwhile, reek of smoky lounge vibes and fit perfectly into Mafia's gangster stylings.

    I love the Collector Cards in The Simpsons Hit & Run, because they gave me more insight into The Simpsons than I knew at the time I played and completed it.

    Though there are a hundred of them, the Hidden Packages in GTA games are very worthwhile as I really like that you're awarded a bevvy of devastating weaponry that you can get hold of from your safehouses.

    Gotta give credit to the notes, books, newspapers and other readable materials in videogames. I know we don't play games to stare at a screen and read, but the amount of work devs put into getting us thoroughly absorbed in their worlds, deserves our utmost respect and commendations.

  • It's not a collectible in the traditional way but I really like getting to see more of Nate's journal in Uncharted 4 specifically. Other than main story moments you can get extra journal pages when you interact with objects/scenery in the levels. His drawings are so fun to look at, he draws real good and his sense of humor comes through them too. Still the best journal in any game IMO.

    Also from another ND game, the superhero cards in TLOU Part II are 10/10. It's nice to have a mini lore segment of its own that's separate from everything else in the game.

    One of the best part of Shenmue 1 & 2 for me is collecting the gacha toys, mostly because of the recognizable characters like Sonic and stuff. Sadly Shenmue III didn't have them anymore, downgraded to gacha toys of the most random and mundane objects possible, lol.

    You can call me a fanboy but collecting all the PlayStation consoles and accessories and stuff in Astro's Playroom is cute as heck. I wish the other big companies like Microsoft and Nintendo has something like this game.

    I also like when you get to collect music that you can listen to in game. Metal Gear Solid 4 comes to mind, that in game iPod is pretty sick.

  • It doesn't count as a collectable because the game doesn't track it, but Skyrim books are my pick. Mostly because it allowed my to roleplay as a book collector in game making the whole thing a completely unscripted emergent quest that lasted many many hours.

  • The telephone cards in Yakuza Zero are really good as are the photo pieces in the reboot of Splatterhouse. Add to these the collectable magazines in Mafia II and the romance cards in The Witcher and you've got a good selection of collectables that make you want to pursue every last one.