Nintendo announces new Nintendo Selects Titles


    Overall good news to have a great cheap games, but I'm a little upset. I feel like these announcements come just a bit too late. I just bought a used copy of Wind Waker HD for $30 about a month ago. Kinda sucks cause I was under the impression that they were done printing these games. It would've been nicer to spend less and have my purchase contribute to the content producers rather than Gamestop. I am glad I can pickup Luigi's Mansion and Lego City Undercover for a decent price now.

    But this is the second time this happened. Previously I bought DK Tropical Freeze for a rather high resale value and then a couple of weeks later they reprint and dropped the price.

    I suppose I just have the worst timing. Is it just me or does it feel like Nintendo game values stay high for way too long?

  • I wish I hadn't already bought them all so that I could have gotten them for lower prices, then again I've enjoyed them all this time so I can't complain too much. But Nintendo loves to keep their prices up. Even when they're out of print their way overpriced. Not that this is Nintendo's doing, I can't get Super Mario Sunshine for under $100 but I can get Persona 3 for $10, it's a little skewed.

  • People buy stuff every day,no matter when they released these Nintendo select titles somebody somewhere got it at a bad timing,so it's kind of a silly thing to complain about.

    As for Nintendo games value staying up for a while,value is decided by the market so no once again there is nothing wrong with that. If there is one thing Nintendo does better than anyone else in the industry is releasing amazing games that stand the test of times. Their games are just as good 20 years later as the day they released. Companies such as Ubisoft do not care about longetivity,they want you to buy Assassin's Creed the first 1-2 month it comes out then they want you to forget about it and buy the next big thing. "Meh,we'll just fix it in the sequel"