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  • One of my favorite systems ever. To be honest I think Japanese only games should also be allowed. I don't have any Japanese games to vote for but I wouldn't mind seeing them on he list.

  • @neocweeny said in The EZA Community Top 20 GameCube Games:

    One of my favorite systems ever. To be honest I think Japanese only games should also be allowed. I don't have any Japanese games to vote for but I wouldn't mind seeing them on he list.

    Do you have any examples of well liked Japan-only GC games?

  • @oscillator No but I don't want this to be the standard. I would be happy to see if somebody did played and liked a Japanese game.

  • My votes are in!

    I never owned a GameCube, so all my picks were played on different consoles. I got a Dreamcast in 2000 and then went with the PS2 a few years later. It wasn't until I bought a Wii, that I was finally able to play some exclusive GameCube games.

  • I'm not sure I'm comfortable with voting when I never owned or even seen a Gamecube with my own eyes IRL so I might be skipping this one, lol

  • I never played GameCube. I never saw anyone playing it. I never even saw anything GameCube-related in the stores. And I think the first time I've heard about this system was somewhere around 2010, when it was already a historical relic. Since my knowledge of GameCube doesn't go beyound "it existed", I will skip this vote.

  • If there are too few voters I think I may end this top 20 countdown, that is if those who voted are in agreement. I'll instead boot up a Top 20 PS2 Games vote, which I'm sure will be more popular amongst the community.

  • Put my selection in. Although we know the number 1 already (Wario World), it will definitely be an interesting list.

  • @jdincinerator I will still vote. It's a very difficult one for me. I have more than 8 Gamecube games I really love.

  • @neocweeny Honestly I love the GameCube and is my absolute favorite system, but I didn't actually have many games for it. I missed utter classics like Eternal Darkness, The Thousand Year Door and Metroid. I think one of my fondest memories was returning from a school trip when I was 10 and my mum greeted me and had bought me The Simpsons: Road Rage on GameCube. Also GameCube was entirely mine because my family didn't play it only I did and it was set up in my room.

  • @jdincinerator I also still have yet to play Eternal Darkness and Paper Mario despite ownin them. Fire Emblem Pathé of Radiance is also another big one in my backlog.

  • u lot were deprived children. gamecube was and still is one of my favourite consoles of all time. such good gaming times were had

  • I personally only added one port on my list, if I'd been completely truthful as to my favourite games on the system it would have been dominated by Resident Evil due to RE2, RE3 and CVX also all being on the console.

  • I had a GameCube but I feel like it's hard to narrow down our lists when pretty much everything is eligable. Most of the GC games I played were multiplat like NFS, THPS, NHL, etc. I did play exclusives too, but not all of them.

    I wonder if we should maybe narrow the pool down to exclusives?

  • @dipset I'd prefer to widen the pool because then more people will be inclined to vote. You've played third-party games, so include them that's no problem.

  • I think is also good to widen the pool. You can vote for whatever you want. If you don't like to include those multiplatform games then don't put them on your list.

    Also you would open so many more discussions about what is allowed and what is not. Like Resident Evil 4 is also multiplatform but it's a pretty iconic Gamecube game.

  • My list is just exclusives, but if you had a really good time with multiplats, absolutely include them.

    I almost included THPS 3, but my time with it was split between GC and Xbox, so it had less weight here.

  • This video has every GameCube game and I thought it could be useful for some people.

    Youtube Video

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