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  • Tools of Destruction was great but I can't remember much from it and I think I got stuck somewhere. Can't forget a villain like Percival Tachyon though, so kudos there at least.

    The 2016 Ratchet and Clank is a good effort that I felt only existed because that dreadful Ratchet & Clank film came out in the same year. Still a good game like the others but quite forgettable considering the quality inherent through the entire series.

  • The biggest sin of the 2016 remake is that the story and presentation felt so flat and soulless. The game looks pretty, and it's plays quite well, but I can't forgive how badly they botched the story stuff. It's why I left it out of my votes.

    I haven't got around to any of the PS3 R&C games other than the OG HD remasters.

  • I didn't finish ToD but I remember seeing it for the first time at my friend's house on a HD tv. It was beatiful to look at. I remember how impressed I was. Especially that railing platform parts in a futuristic city with all flying cars etc.

  • @brannox What's wrong with Ratchet's attitude in the original game?

  • #12: Sunset Overdrive | 11 Points


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    Release date: NA: October 28th, 2014 | AU: October 30th, 2014 | EU: October 31st, 2014 | PC: November 16th, 2018
    Publisher: Microsoft Studios
    Genre: Action-Adventure
    Platform(s): Xbox One, PC


  • I had a feeling Sunset Overdrive was coming up and therefore I want to express how I feel about this one. Sunset Overdrive makes an astonishingly glossy impression with its rail-grinding combat, it's array of bright colours, it's devil-may-care attitude and the copious amount of ways it flaunts its sense of style and coolness in front of you like a fat truck driver who tries to impress women on a Californian beach with a truffle shuffle. Sunset Overdrive is thus loaded with many outwardly cool and high-energy riff raff. However, much like a 7 year-old after a can of Monster Energy drink-you kinda want it to stop and go away after a while.

    Sunset Overdrive tries so hard to be cool and funny that it does the exact opposite. This might have something to do with the infectious energy drink that gunks up this hipster wonderland, and we know how an energy drink makes you hypo-I guess that might be the entire point; but if you're going to be funny, take a step back and don't make it feel so arrogantly forced. Sunset Overdrive has cool gameplay, awesome ideas and despite how it fails like a school teacher at a comedy gig, it at least has the energy that was needed, to counteract all the samey grey and brown shooters, as well as the dearth of inspiration that makes many games seem dreary and solely focus tested by a boardroom of executives.

    I don't know whether Sunset Overdrive is a game or an advertisement at times. I mean it reeks of the cool stuff many of us want from games, but it's done so in a way that feels fake and forced, that it exposes its cracks through its try-hard sensibilities. Saints Row 2 didn't need showboat in front of you to be cool, it simply allowed you to hop into a septic truck to spray shit at suburban houses.

    Anyway the last point I want to make here is I voted for it because my experience with other Insomniac games were lacking and despite the criticisms I can appreciate the fact Insomniac made a game that went overboard-at least it's memorable and it sticks with you.

  • I grabbed Sunset Overdrive for the Xbox One after I had recently bought the system and I wasn't disappointed. It’s just a joy to play with it's colorful style, variety of weapons and the smooth movement system. It also has a good self aware, over-the-top story that knows how dumb everything is and makes the most of it. Looking back at my 2014 GOTY list, Sunset Overdrive ranks #13 of 38.

  • Eventually I will play Sunset Overdrive. I recall it being one of the last games I attempted to play before selling off my Xbox One back in 2015 or something, but I did want to try it enough again after only an hour or two playing it before. So it's back on my backlog!

  • @jdincinerator He's a massive jerk towards Clank and their dichotomy feels bizarre. Sure, Clank is naïve, but they way he was written and acted is just a major turnoff. He eventually apologizes, but for a majority of the game, he's an unlikable protagonist.

  • Ah, Sunset Overdrive. I remember being so hyped for it because it was an Insomniac game that was an Xbox One exclusive and after the failure of Fuse and EA not being a part of it, I couldn't wait.

    When I got my Xbox One for Christmas 2014, this was one of three games I grabbed (Well, Halo: The Master Chief Collection was pre-installed, and I made a mistake in also getting Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare). I fired it up and for a while, I was having a good time. The need to be in constant motion throughout the world, the art style, and of course, the incredible weaponry was super fun to use.

    However, over time, the gameplay started to feel repetitive, the humor started to get grating, the charm quickly eroded. Fizzie has his moments, but eventually, the joke of his fourth-wall breaking vulgarity being ramped up the longer the game went just had me wanting him to just shut up.

    And then, I discovered Sunset suffers the same personal cardinal sin that Crackdown does: I couldn't start a new game if I wanted. You can replay missions, but to start a new game requires/ed a new profile. And that had me shelve the game as a disappointment that I haven't touched in seven years.

    Overall, I have it at 17th out of 20 from the Insomniac games I've played and is currently only one of four Insomniac games I ultimately do not like and have no desire to ever play again.

  • I didn't like Sunset Overdrive so much. I think it's repetitive and I don't really like the tone and style.

  • Sunset Overdrive is my number one pick but as I've said before that isn't saying much because I'm not the biggest Insomniac fan. But it is the one with the most satisfying gameplay imo.

  • #11: Resistance: Fall of Man | 13 Points


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    Release date: NA: November 17th, 2006 | JP: December 17th, 2006 | PAL: March 23rd, 2007
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Genre: First-Person Shooter
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3


  • While I didn't vote for it, I really do love the lore that Resistance: Fall of Man sets up. I do love all the weapons like the Auger that are more Chimeran technology. Might be filled with greys and browns, but I still love the Chimeran infiltrations! All grand to explore!

  • While Resistance didn't live up to its hype as the killer app for the PS3, it was still an enjoyable shooter just nothing remarkable. Honestly I can't remember too much about it all these years later.

  • Fall of Man was ok, but mainly it was the setting, the excitement surrounding a new IP and its status as a PS3 launch title that made it worth perking up the ears for. Unfortunately, the bullet-sponge chimeras and those insta-death hedgehog bombs proved to make Fall of Man an unnecessary nuisance. Most of the ingredients in Fall of Man could've made for an instant classic, but we'd have to wait until the third game to come around before Resistance truly fulfilled its potential.

  • Catch up post...

    R&C Tools of Destruction

    I genuinely feel as though Tools of Destruction is one of the best PS3 games. I rated it above many other R&C games because I feel like the full potential of the series was sort of mastered and finessed with Tools of Destruction.

    I went back and watched the IGN review of this from 2007 and as a criticism, they said this game has too many ideas and could've cut down more. I COMPLETELY disagree. The reason this game works is because it has so many gameplay moments between the rail combat or some of the minor mini-games.

    The nuts and bolts exploding everywhere and pre-rendered cutscenes were unbelievable by 2007 standards. Words cannot describe how mind blowing I found this game in 2007. Crazy that it almost looks old by today's standards. We're spoiled.


    Sunset Overdrive

    I don't have too much to say about this one cause I never owned an Xbox One. I played it around launch and I found it pretty amusing but the tone was strange.

    In terms of gameplay, it was fine. I felt like it had potential for a big sequel. It could've used something to tie the grinding, jumping, and shooting together better. I had potential to be Tony Hawk with guns but it didn't flow nearly as well as Tony Hawk. Most of the time was spent higher up grinding because it was easiest.

    I feel like Insomniac kinda struggles with outright comedic writing and it can sort of slam you in the face. The R&C remake featured earlier on this list has the same issue imo.


    Resistance Fall of Man

    I absolutely love this game. I've said this before, but we were in a bit of a post-HL2 lala land for a while where FPS games were throwing everything at the wall to see if something sticks. The premise of WWII meets sci-fi future made for amazing enemies and amazing weapons. Random screenshot pulled from a fan-wiki, but these enemy designs are legitimately creepy and I feel like the Chimera don't get enough credit for being spooky fun enemies to fight.


    Some of these levels are really really good. One that comes to mind is fighting up on these spires with giant stalker enemies below. The AI was not only smart for 2006 but they are still fun to fight by today's standards. These guys are tough.

    My favourite part of the game is split-screen co-op. The hard difficulty and spongey enemies goes out the window playing with a buddy. R:FoM holds up as one of the best split-screen games of the generation along with Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, Halo: Reach, and RE5.

    Highly recommend playing couch co-op this Halloween season.

  • One of my friends purchased a PS3 at launch and playing Resistance: Fall of Man on his HDTV was an unforgettable experience. It was a visually impressive game at the time with a compelling alternate history sci-fi horror setting.

    Looking back on the game, I don't remember it doing anything that special gameplay wise. Though to be fair, I only played through the single player campaign and I haven't touched the game since it first released. Resistance: Fall of Man ranks #13 of 24 on my 2006 GOTY list.

  • I forgot to mention but R:FoM launched with 40 player arena based PvP MP. The maps were mostly ripped from the single player with slight modifications but it was a really good time. The insane amount of weapons made for some awesome pickups.

    Many people didn't play MP on PS2 so jumping right into PS3 with a 20 v 20 MP mode was pretty cool and a bit ahead of the times.

    In terms of potential, Insomniac could've done a lot with MP in the Resistance series. With better map design and more strategic flow of weapon placement, TTK, and other finesse, the series had potential to be up there with Halo. It has all of the tools between Aliens vs Humans, huge weapon variety, different grenade types, gravity lifts and other sci-fi stuff, vehicles. If they ever reboot the series, it should really lean into its MP potential.

  • I really want to see something like Resistan: Retribution again. But for PS5 itself with AAA budget.