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  • I really liked Resistance 3 on the whole, but I played it years after it released. It's a prime example of listening to criticism and adjusting. But at the same time, this game feels a bit muted in some ways compared to the first two. I feel like they improved the gunplay and art direction but made a utilitarian sequel. It doesn't feel as big or monumental as R:FoM or R2 despite being subjectively better than both.

    This game went head-to-head against Killzone 3 and I think Resistance 3 is a significantly better shooter. Where R3 improves upon the criticisms of R2, KZ3 took the good parts of KZ2, removed them, and made a generic coop shooter. I really will never understand why Sony had to shooter series so close to each other back then. They barely had their own space to breathe.

    Overall, I'm happy the whole Resistance series made the cut. I think I might start a playthrough of the whole series to get into the Halloween mood. If there were two FPS series from this era that I'd bring back, it would be Resistance and FEAR; both with untapped potential.

  • I feel like Resistance 3 would be a much more well received game if it was distanced from the serious-shooters saturated market of the PS3 generation. At the very least people nowadays would appreciate the various scenarios (the boat section in the flooded foggy residential area comes to mind), the creature designs and the weapons. Despite the Resistance games having a more realistic and grounded setting, Insomniac's cartoonish creativity are still evident through those elements. I'm sure this also applies to Resistance 1-2 to some level but I never played them so I can't overreach my statement here. Also the gameplay is very solid, great weapon and kill feedback in particular. I hope a remaster and/or PC port can exist one day, it would fit the more niche kind of games that the PS+ Extra/Premium library needs more of.

  • I'm the lone outlier here when it comes to Resistance 3: I have it at 16th of my 20 Insomniac list, and if it wasn't for Burning Skies, it would be my least favorite of the franchise.

    I want to touch on the positives first: Overall, graphics look the best here (which should be the case since it's the latest of the series), and I appreciate making character models and many Chimera look better (with the exception of the Hybrids. I think they look worse than their previous iterations). The first couple of locations are neat with Haven, Oklahoma being a lot of underground tunnels, only braving the outside to fight Chimera, and riding up the river to Saint Louis with Malikov as you defend it from so many Grims while trying to hide from the massive Goliaths. Plus, the weapon wheel returns with an upgrade system to the weapons, giving each's alt-fire a satisfying punch. Finally, I like several combat encounters as the town center of Haven, the Brawler and (later) Widowmaker of St. Louis, the Grim onslaught in Mt. Pleasant akin to Left 4 Dead, and the final fight.

    But that is where my praise ends.

    On the whole, this games is SHORT as hell. Aside from the three areas I mention above, there's Mt. Pleasant PA, the prison (and the train ride in between), and New York. That's it. In addition, there really isn't many memorable moments overall. Aside from the destruction Haven, the death of Fyodor, and the craziness of the final segment on the floating teleporting machine to the Chimeran homeworld, it's not really compelling what you're doing most of the time.

    Then there's Capelli. He's such a completely different character than in Resistance 2, and I don't just mean voice actor. Different build, different personality, different look... not even the book "A Hole in the Sky" really bridges that gap well (Side note: Both books, "A Gathering Storm" and "A Hole in the Sky" are pretty good reads, but they have the climax happen on the last page with no cooldown chapter, so both end abruptly and don't really do a service to the characters that are introduced within. Still recommend if you're a major Resistance fan though...). And it's really hard to care about him when he acts so different than the previous iteration.

    Which brings me to the story: It's kind of a major letdown. I know humanity is just shy of extinction, but NO ONE else had the idea of assaulting New York? (Again, sans book) And these weather-machine teleporter things? Where were they throughout the rest of the series? And no one else that had access to a VTOL thought to attack said platforms sooner? And let's circle back around to Malikov: A compelling character in Resistance 2 (and IMMENSELY important to the franchise) and he's kind of useless in Resistance 3. He's able to track down Capelli and able to convince him to go on the mission to New York leveraging Capelli's son is getting sicker, but only after Haven is obliterated. It's kind of like a microcosm of what I just said above: In Resistance 2, Capelli isn't afraid to take the fight to the Chimera and gun down a superior officer, but in Resistance 3, nah, he loves his wife (Hale's sister by the way) and his kid but doesn't really want to do anything about it until the Chimera show up. But back to Malikov: He "convinces" Capelli, he drives the boat, gets ill, drives the train, then gets murdered... exasperated sigh

    I don't like the levels post St. Louis, as I feel like their major slogs. ESPECIALLY New York. Good GOD. The prison does try to be interesting with mixing up pace and level design, but it gets repetitive in art design pretty quickly and forcing you to use the Mutator for awhile doesn't feel good. I don't like any of the characters, from those brief one-off appearances in Haven and Mt. Pleasant to major players Charlie, Ellis, and Mick (REALLY dislike Mick. He makes no sense). And I don't think the weapon roster is anything special (again, with the exception of introducing the level up mechanic making classics like the Bullseye and Auger even more special).

    And in the face of ALL this. DESPITE me having it at 16th of 20... It's still a fine game. I draw the line between it and Sunset for "Like/Dislike." I would LOVE for there to be a new Resistance, but with how this game ends, I don't see it story wise, plus it's an I.P. Insomniac has said they don't want to do anymore and much like Sly Cooper, while I may be a fan, I recognize there won't be another one. Personally, I wish the story concluded in a better way, but it is what it is.

  • @bam541 I'd say Resistance 3 smokes Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. Fall of Man as a PS3 launch game is good but frustrating to play and probably hasn't aged well, given my memories of it are largely hedgehog bombs and bullet-spongey chimera. Resistance 2 was a better-playing game, but it came out at a time where brown was the preferred colour of choice for big triple A videogames-and Resistance 2 largely followed suit, despite its flashes of brilliance with multiplayer and the horrific elements of the campaign.

    Resistance 3 blows them out of the water because the gameplay is more varied, it looks much better and the environmental diversity is richer. I play Resistance 3 and I feel how good it is, it's leaps and bounds above the previous two games. I can only say Resistance: Retribution is the only other entry that rivals it-and that's on a PSP.

  • I played through Resistance 3 co-op with my friend when the game first launched and it was a bad experience from start to finish. I remember an early level, we got to the end of the area and the door wouldn't open so we had to restart the game. Later on, we walked up on enemies who were frozen and we continued to see enemies blindly shooting at a walls. The bugs were bad but even when it worked, it just never felt fun to play. So I chose to give Spyro 2 my last vote, even though I haven't finished it. Resistance 3 ranks lasts #24 of 24 on my 2011 GOTY list.

  • #5: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales | 20 Points


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    Release Date: November 12th, 2020
    Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Genre: Action-Adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5


  • As a fan of Miles Morales since his inception, his rise in media besides comics has been insane. I love this character a lot. And Insomniac respected his short legacy and putting their own spin into it to continue their Spider-Man series. I love the story they conceived here. It's short, but it definitely has a lot of heart ot it. Also this holds a special place besides just being a huge Miles fan, as this was my first PS5 game I played and finished. As I'm sure a lot of people's case is.

  • Insomniac did good to crank Miles Morales out in time for the PS5 launch. One of the best ways to start a console generation is to zip and swing around New York in upscaled 4K 60FPS. Overall the game is still very much like the OG Spider-Man, which isn't a bad thing. Aside from 1-2 detours in the story, Miles' story is told in a focused manner, and the game did a good job of giving the main cast of characters enough screen time. It's funny that we get to experience another Spider-Man origin story (sort of) that we didn't get to see with Peter in the OG game. Miles' special powers are very fun to play around with (love the electric punches), and the snowy near-Christmas setting of the game is simply top notch. I also like the more neighborhood community focus of the side stories, which helps build not only Miles'character but also give more life to the world. Very good game, very much worth playing.

  • Nice to see Spider-Man Miles Morales make the top 5. I'm just going to pull my comment from our 2020 GOTY countdown:

    "Although Spider-Man Miles Morales doesn't have as many memorable moments or boss fights as the previous game, the moments it does have are still just as awesome. Also it improves upon Spider-Man's already solid gameplay fundamentals with new added abilities."

    "I was lucky enough to play this game on PS5, and the smooth 60fps is such a welcome addition. It really brings the city to life when your zipping from building to building. Spider-Man Miles Morales ranked #7 of 45 on my list."

  • Miles Morales is really the perfect follow-up and launch title for the PS5. It's a game that may have an open-world and collectibles, but not only is the open-world a blast to explore, but the collectibles are always worthwhile. Never once did I feel like I was slogging through this game. Miles Morales is what I'd call a digestible open-world-no you can't eat it, but it's one that strikes a pristine balance between feeling like an open-world, but without the exhaustion that often burdens many open-world games. It's essentially a small open-world treasure of a game that never outstays its welcome.

  • I have not played Miles Morales...


    After four years being on the fence and having no interest in Spider-man, as a character or IP, I finally caved and purchased the edition that comes with Spider-man Remastered. Of which is what I'm currently playing.

    So while I can't comment on Miles Morales, I will be able to soon (but I'm not going to retroactively add to this or any other thread). As for Spider-man? Well... I'll talk about that soon...

  • Insomniac sure knows how to end a Trilogy. Spyro 3, Ratchet 3 and Resistance 3 are all easily my favorites in their trilogies. None of these games are really all that innovative. They just take all the best elements from the previous games and really refine it.

    I liked Miles Morales. Is similar to the original but shorter and without filler so I Linda like it a little bit more than the original Spiderman. It's probably my number 9 Insomniac game.

  • I just noticed that Miles Morales is listed as First Person Shooter, lol

    @bruno_saurus said in The EZA Community Top Insomniac Games!:

    Genre: First-Person Shooter

  • Hah oh gosh, the first hiccup of using the previous game as the template has come to fruition. Thanks! @bam541

  • #4: Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando | 21 Points


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    Release date: NA: November 11th, 2003 | PAL: November 21, 2003
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Genre: Platformer Adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 2


  • I forgot to enter this one for some reason but I'll post my picks at the end.

    I'm surprised by what's left as I certainly don't see the original Spyro 1 as the best in the series and as beautiful as Rift was I can't help but feeling like it's down to its newness that it would be wining here.
    Spiderman was very good but I still can't help but feel that age comes into play here because of limits to what people have played

  • Spoilers, FUSE won the vote. I'm sorry @Sheria lol

  • I said this on the GOTYs thread before but I'll repeat a bit of it here: Going Commando is probably the first game that I was actually compelled to complete. Got the RYNO before finishing the main story, also got some of the hidden bonuses that I forgot what exactly (I think there's a hidden museum although). Slight improvements over the first game in pretty much every aspect.

  • Since we JUST discussed this in the 2003 GOTY countdown, I'm going to do what I did for a couple of entries above and pull my comment to here. The only thing specific to this thread is on the roster of 20 I've played, I have it slotted at 8th. And while I typically always save it for the end, I'm just going to shout-out fellow voters here at the top. So digital fist bumps/high fives to @bruno_saurus, @Sentinel-Beach, @NeoCweeny, @bam541, and @Nimbat1003. Without further ado, what I said in our 2003 GOTY thread:

    Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando is a great sequel and introduces many aspects to the series that I feel have become staples throughout the franchise: Upgradable weapons/health as you defeat enemies, purchasable armor with increased stats, the Challenge Arenas of fighting waves of foes with unique modifiers and bosses, large and expansive spaces searching for crystals, moonstones, and the like, and further fleshing out the titular duo as characters. This is also when James Arnold Taylor became the voice actor for Ratchet, bringing an immediate improvement over how much of a jerk Ratchet was in the original game.

    Of course the weapons are standouts as an R&C does, like the Bouncer, Plasma Coil, and Pulse Rifle for example, each changing up combat. That said, there were weapons like the Zodiac and Clank Zapper that felt like complete misses, but overall, it's a solid roster. Speaking of roster, the planet selection is interesting as well. Oozla is a fun choice for the first real explorable planet, being a deserted and depressing place with rain, natural creatures and overgrowth. Smolg's upper atmosphere shipping complex is a tricky maze of containers and creatures that feels like an airborne gauntlet. Snivelak, being the Thugs-4-Less HQ is reminiscent of the original's Umbris: A red-sky atop a place filled with traps and forces wanting to take you out.

    The places you go to are fun, but are not AS fascinating as the original's, yet this is the only game that holds the Bogon Galaxy and another Lombax in Angela. The fact neither is ever referenced again in the franchise is bizarre to me and I wonder why Insomniac never referenced these in future games. The overall plot does have a neat twist halfway through, but having Qwark be the surprise villain at the literal end when he isn't shown (despite him being in disguise throughout), felt kind of a leap, but it's still a good time.

    Another thing I'll always hold dear is this is the first time the Insomniac Museum was put into an R&C game, and seeing a 3D modeled out space of the Insomniac offices at the time and where departments were with cut content and playable prototypes blew my mind. Every time I do a series replay, it's one of the highest of highlights to come back here and tour around again.

    All this praise said, there are a couple of issues that keep it in my personal ranking of "Good" of the entire franchise (Context: Personal rankings are Phenomenal, Great, Good, Bad, Blight on the Galaxy): Firstly, the space missions. I appreciate the change up to the gameplay, but some of them are extremely hard to get the elusive Platinum Bolt for the respective segment. Another downside is how it treats the legacy weapons. On one of the early planets, you can find a Gadgetron vendor and if you have a save of the previous game on your memory card, you're given eight weapons from said game, free of charge. A really neat feature for sure, but the issue is they don't upgrade like the other weapons and ammo isn't the easiest to come across, so I never feel incentivized to use them. A final nitpick critique I have are these dna looking blue canisters that increase your health are used to reward you for reaching some borderline blood vessel bursting spots. There are a couple that come to mind that are real easy to get/find, but there are some put in areas where you need to be pixel perfect with your precision on jumping, gliding, and/or platforming. Frustrating, to say the least.

    Overall though, it's still a fantastic game. Besides being my runner up for GOTY from 2003, it's my sixth favorite game of the franchise and 56th favorite game of all time, as of writing (which should say something about how much I love R&C games as a whole).

  • I absolutely love Going Commando and it was my first PS2 game. R&C felt like a big deal after seeing this game at friends houses.

    I would’ve voted for it up I opted to choose two other R&C games that I think better represent the series quality overall.